FunPro Closing – What you Need to Know

FunPro & Thomco announced that effective April 1st, 2015 they will pulling out of the party rental insurance industry. This announcement has led to much confusion & worry for customers that currently have insurance with FunPro. In the video below Larry Cossio explains exactly what this announcement means for you if you have am insurance policy with FunPro.

FunPro is No Longer Insuring Party Rentals


Okay, it’s official, Markel Insurance Company that purchased Thomco and the Funpro program will be closing it’s program for new business effective 4/1/15 and sending out non renewal notices. Cossio Insurance was chosen to provide insurance for some of their direct customers and we would be able to help anyone receiving these non renewal letters.   Continue reading

Avoiding problems during freezing temperatures

Spring is almost here…but that doesn’t mean that the freezing temps are gone! The cold weather can cause damage to your property & injuries to yourself or pets. Paul Davis Restoration in Charleston SC has some important tips on avoiding problems during freezing temperatures. The first tip is to be careful when walking on any hard surfaces…just because you don’t see the ice doesn’t mean that it might not be there! Ice is sometimes invisible. Secondly, there are several things you can do to avoid property damage due to freezing pipes: turn off exterior faucets & disconnect water hoses, drip your faucets if the temperature is below freezing & open the doors under sink cabinets. Lastly, be sure to bring your pets inside if the temperature is too cold. Pets can be seriously injured or even die from frost bite and hypothermia.

Be careful during the cold temperature and just remember, spring is just around the corner!

References: Paul Davis Restoration Team.

Beware of notices claiming that your domain name is up for renewal

Today our office received an official looking fax from a company calling themselves the “Domain Registry Bureau”. The fax told us that we had to contact them immediately because one of our domain names has become available for registration. They claim they if we do not respond to them about this our website domain name will be sold to a third party and we will lose all rights to it. If you go to the website of this “Domain Registry Bureau” you will find that they are actually a website selling domain names. Continue reading

Is your miniature golf and go-kart facility safe, enjoyable and accident-free for your guests?

Usually the two most popular activities at a family fun center are miniature golf and go-karts.  And amazingly enough, the most insurance claims are these two activities.  So how can you work to keep your facility safe, keep the experience for your guests enjoyable and accident free?

Glad you asked!  Having owned a family fun center with both of these activities I can speak from experience as an owner and an insurance agent.  Good news travels slow, bad news about injuries travels fast, so let’s look at what you can do as an owner or manager to prevent these from happening. Continue reading

Inflatable “How-to” Videos

Magic Jump Inflatables have created a great resource of inflatable how-to videos. The videos include:

  • Properly Anchor your Inflatable
  • Setup your Commercial Inflatable
  • Roll Up a Commercial Inflatable
  • Patch a Damaged Inflatable
  • Package your Inflatable for Shipping
  • Clean your Inflatable Bounce House

You can watch the How-to videos here at Magic Jump Inflatable’s YouTube Playlist.

Paintball & Airsoft Zombie Shoot Coverage

Zombie walking

If you are planning a zombie shoot hayride or haunted trail at your field it will not be covered under your standard Paintball or Airsoft insurance policy. You will need to have a supplemental policy in order to be covered for these activities in order to be covered.

Some requirements for the Zombie Shoot coverage include: guns must be mounted at 45 degrees max, there must be liability on the vehicle that is pulling the trailer (if it is a hayride), paths must be well lit, two way radios must be used.

Fill out the Zombie Shoot Supplement Application or give us a call at 864-688-0121 if you are unsure if your zombie event is covered.


Does your homeowners insurance offer enough protection?

According to Property Casualty 360, a recent study done by Marshall & Swift/Boeckh almost 60% of United States homeowners are under insured with only enough insurance to pay for 78% of replacement costs. The article by Property Casualty went over some mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to their policies. Have you made any of these mistakes?

1) Have your remodeled you home recently? Remodeling your home adds to the property value which is almost always good. But did you report the higher property value to your insurance company? If not, you are under insured for the amount of your remodel. Continue reading

Cheaper Mechanical Bulls can cost you more in the end

Galaxy Bulls recently wrote an article titled: “The Cheapest Mechanical Bull Is Not Always The Most Cost Effective Purchase“. While you may say that this article may be biased because of the fact that Galaxy is a manufacturer this article does ring true.

Galaxy noted the following reasons for why a cheaper Mechanical Bull will end up costing you more in the long run: Continue reading