Beware of notices claiming that your domain name is up for renewal

Today our office received an official looking fax from a company calling themselves the “Domain Registry Bureau”. The fax told us that we had to contact them immediately because one of our domain names has become available for registration. They claim they if we do not respond to them about this our website domain name will be sold to a third party and we will lose all rights to it. If you go to the website of this “Domain Registry Bureau” you will find that they are actually a website selling domain names. Continue reading

Is your miniature golf and go-kart facility safe, enjoyable and accident-free for your guests?

Usually the two most popular activities at a family fun center are miniature golf and go-karts.  And amazingly enough, the most insurance claims are these two activities.  So how can you work to keep your facility safe, keep the experience for your guests enjoyable and accident free?

Glad you asked!  Having owned a family fun center with both of these activities I can speak from experience as an owner and an insurance agent.  Good news travels slow, bad news about injuries travels fast, so let’s look at what you can do as an owner or manager to prevent these from happening. Continue reading

Inflatable “How-to” Videos

Magic Jump Inflatables have created a great resource of inflatable how-to videos. The videos include:

  • Properly Anchor your Inflatable
  • Setup your Commercial Inflatable
  • Roll Up a Commercial Inflatable
  • Patch a Damaged Inflatable
  • Package your Inflatable for Shipping
  • Clean your Inflatable Bounce House

You can watch the How-to videos here at Magic Jump Inflatable’s YouTube Playlist.

Paintball & Airsoft Zombie Shoot Coverage

Zombie walking

If you are planning a zombie shoot hayride or haunted trail at your field it will not be covered under your standard Paintball or Airsoft insurance policy. You will need to have a supplemental policy in order to be covered for these activities in order to be covered.

Some requirements for the Zombie Shoot coverage include: guns must be mounted at 45 degrees max, there must be liability on the vehicle that is pulling the trailer (if it is a hayride), paths must be well lit, two way radios must be used.

Fill out the Zombie Shoot Supplement Application or give us a call at 864-688-0121 if you are unsure if your zombie event is covered.


Does your homeowners insurance offer enough protection?

According to Property Casualty 360, a recent study done by Marshall & Swift/Boeckh almost 60% of United States homeowners are under insured with only enough insurance to pay for 78% of replacement costs. The article by Property Casualty went over some mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to their policies. Have you made any of these mistakes?

1) Have your remodeled you home recently? Remodeling your home adds to the property value which is almost always good. But did you report the higher property value to your insurance company? If not, you are under insured for the amount of your remodel. Continue reading

Cheaper Mechanical Bulls can cost you more in the end

Galaxy Bulls recently wrote an article titled: “The Cheapest Mechanical Bull Is Not Always The Most Cost Effective Purchase“. While you may say that this article may be biased because of the fact that Galaxy is a manufacturer this article does ring true.

Galaxy noted the following reasons for why a cheaper Mechanical Bull will end up costing you more in the long run: Continue reading

Cyber Liability Insurance: Are you properly covered in the event of a data breach?

It’s been happening more and more lately, big businesses such as Target, T.J. Maxx and more have been the targets of data breach. But it doesn’t just happen to large companies…small businesses are also at risk for these data breaches. According to IBM there were 1.5 million Cyber Attacks in the United States in 2013, and that is just businesses that knew about them!

How do cyber-attacks happen?

According to IAAPA’s Fun World magazine there are a variety of ways that data thieves are able to breach your data. These ways include attaching a hidden device to your credit card machine, using malware and taking advantage of the split second before the credit card data is encrypted. According to the Computer Security Institute 2 in 5 companies experienced a cyber-security issue in the last 12 months.

What kind of damage will a cyber-attack do to my business?

There are many ways that a cyber-attack can damage your business, the first being loss of reputation. If customers find out that their data was stolen they will be wary of doing any more business with your company. In the infographic below IBM shows just how a cyber-attack could affect your business financially.



What can I do to protect myself?

• Regularly have your systems scanned for the evidence of Malware
• Make sure that all credit card information is encrypted
• Never use default passwords
• Have an experienced IT professional make sure that you have the proper firewalls, and anti-virus protection
• IAAPA suggests deleting customer data from your system after a certain time period.

Even with all these steps in place a data breach can still occur. Make sure to obtain Cyber Liability Insurance to help with the financial loss of a Cyber Liability Attack. Cyber Liability is not covered under most business general liability policy. Contact us today at 864-688-0121 to talk about getting Cyber Liability coverage for your business.


Funworld Magazine. “Preventing Data Theft”.—june-2014

IBM. “Data breach statistics”.

Chubb. “Chubb 2012 Public Company Risk Survey: Cyber”.

Recent Bounce House Incident

The incident that happened regarding the inflatable bounce house flying away with children is horrible. It should never happen if you are dealing with a commercial inflatable device installed by professional, trained, and insured rental companies. Make sure that the company that you hire is trained and insured before you rent these inflatable devices. Be aware of the inflatable devices that you purchase from retail stores they are not built the same. Always follow instructions on operations and set up. If you are operating without insurance call the CIA 864-688-0121 and get insurance today!


Older versions of Internet Explorer can cause security issues

Why you should upgrade

We have come across quite a few customers lately that are using old versions of Internet Explorer such as 6, 7 & 8. The current version of Internet Explorer is 11. While it may seem a nuisance to have to upgrade your internet browser there are many important reasons why you or your company should do so.

1) SECURITY ISSUES: Older browsers are much more vulnerable to security issues such as spyware & viruses. This is because the older browsers are no longer supported by Microsoft and do not receive important updates that would patch holes in vulnerability.

2) WEBSITE DISPLAY: If you are using a browser as old as IE6 or IE7 many websites are not displaying correctly for you. This is because there have been changes in modern website designs that are simply not supported in these older browsers. You may be missing some important information and it just makes websites look bad.

Smashing Magazine has a great example of how a website can differ between IE8 and newer browsers such as IE11, Chrome or Firefox. (Shown below)


Website displayed using IE 8 (Illustration Credited to Smashing Magazine)


The same website displayed using Chrome. (Illustration Credited to Smashing Magazine)

3) SPEED: Older browsers are also a lot slower. Have you noticed that when you are browsing websites your Internet Explorer crashes or freezes? This can also be solved by upgrading your internet browser.

Upgrading your browser is free and very fast. It should only take you a couple of minutes to upgrade. Below are links where you can download the newest versions of the most popular browsers.

Internet Explorer:


Smashing Magazine. “Dear Web User Please Upgrade your Browser”. July 10th, 2012.