Facebook’s Gun Sale Ban Includes Paintball & Airsoft Guns

At the end of January Facebook announced that Facebook and Instagram users will no longer to use the social media networks to privately sell, buy or trade firearms, gun parts or ammunition. According to Facebook’s Community Standards this also includes: BB Guns, Airsoft Guns, Paintball Markers, Air Guns, Replicas & Non-functioning firearms.

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Is your Paintball Field Covered for First Strike Rounds?

first-strikeTo all our field owners, we are sending out an email blast but in case you miss it:

Recently an issue came up regarding First Strike Rounds. So for clarity we are issuing this statement to clarify. FSR’s are not covered in our insurance programs, and never have been. It might be in the future but not today.

Bottom line is this is not anything new, FSR hasn’t been allowed since inception in any insurance program that I have represented, the manufacturer has NOT gone thru the steps to get the definition included in the ASTM guidelines; it would cost them $75 to join. They would spend a lot of time, unpaid as members are volunteers, spend their money to have the goggles tested to ASTM standards when passed, pay to have the various netting manufacturers products tested to ASTM standards to see if it passes, get the goggle manufacturers to include them in their documentation as approved projectiles.

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Paintball & Airsoft Zombie Shoot Coverage

Zombie walking

If you are planning a zombie shoot hayride or haunted trail at your field it will not be covered under your standard Paintball or Airsoft insurance policy. You will need to have a supplemental policy in order to be covered for these activities in order to be covered.

Some requirements for the Zombie Shoot coverage include: guns must be mounted at 45 degrees max, there must be liability on the vehicle that is pulling the trailer (if it is a hayride), paths must be well lit, two way radios must be used.

Fill out the Zombie Shoot Supplement Application or give us a call at 864-688-0121 if you are unsure if your zombie event is covered.


Cyber Liability Insurance: Are you properly covered in the event of a data breach?

It’s been happening more and more lately, big businesses such as Target, T.J. Maxx and more have been the targets of data breach. But it doesn’t just happen to large companies…small businesses are also at risk for these data breaches. According to IBM there were 1.5 million Cyber Attacks in the United States in 2013, and that is just businesses that knew about them!

How do cyber-attacks happen?

According to IAAPA’s Fun World magazine there are a variety of ways that data thieves are able to breach your data. These ways include attaching a hidden device to your credit card machine, using malware and taking advantage of the split second before the credit card data is encrypted. According to the Computer Security Institute 2 in 5 companies experienced a cyber-security issue in the last 12 months.

What kind of damage will a cyber-attack do to my business?

There are many ways that a cyber-attack can damage your business, the first being loss of reputation. If customers find out that their data was stolen they will be wary of doing any more business with your company. In the infographic below IBM shows just how a cyber-attack could affect your business financially.

IBM. http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/en/it-services/security-services/data-breach/index.html
IBM. http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/en/it-services/security-services/data-breach/index.html

What can I do to protect myself?

• Regularly have your systems scanned for the evidence of Malware
• Make sure that all credit card information is encrypted
• Never use default passwords
• Have an experienced IT professional make sure that you have the proper firewalls, and anti-virus protection
• IAAPA suggests deleting customer data from your system after a certain time period.

Even with all these steps in place a data breach can still occur. Make sure to obtain Cyber Liability Insurance to help with the financial loss of a Cyber Liability Attack. Cyber Liability is not covered under most business general liability policy. Contact us today at 864-688-0121 to talk about getting Cyber Liability coverage for your business.


Funworld Magazine. “Preventing Data Theft”. http://www.iaapa.org/news/funworld/funworld-magazine/preventing-data-theft—june-2014

IBM. “Data breach statistics”. http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/en/it-services/security-services/data-breach/index.html

Chubb. “Chubb 2012 Public Company Risk Survey: Cyber”. http://www.chubb.com/infographics/chubb3/index.html

Download the New CIA mobile App for Android!

Our new mobile App for Android (coming soon for Apple) allows our customers an easier way to view their policies, get expiration reminders, contact their specific agents, request certificates & submit incident reports. Download it today, it’s FREE!CIA-AppAndroid

Announcing the New Digital Waiver Program


Are you tired of stacks of safety waivers? The CIA now has a digital waiver program that is FREE to customers of the CIA. This program allows you to create a custom waiver that you can use to have customers sign waivers digitally and to keep track of these waivers online. This means no more having to dig through piles of papers to find a waiver, no stacks of waivers on your desk…it’s all online. You can input your specific waiver language, add your logo, and PRESTO, you are set. You get a link to put on your website, a QR code to use at the counter or your website for your techy customers to get right on your waiver site to complete the waiver on their desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

It immediately assigns a member number to your customer, you immediately get an email that they are set up and done. You get a report at the end of the day of all your customers in an Excel spreadsheet. AND while you at your screen, you can pull up and existing customer to verify it is current and add them onto the daily report with just a click.

That’s not all! If you wish you can have the Digital Waivers Marketing System send out automatic email blasts to your customers. The email blasts have templates for almost every holiday and are custom tailored to fit your Airsoft, Paintball or Indoor Center business. After choosing a template and typing in your custom text, the custom email blast will take the list of customers who have signed waivers and send out email blasts to all these customers for you. These email blasts can be sent manually or set up to send out emails to customers 30 days and 14 days prior to the event/holiday.

The cost for the automatic email marketing is $125 a year, that is about $10 a month for a system to automatically contact everyone in your database, offer them to return in 30 days, come in for a holiday, come back on their birthday, etc… But remember the Digital Waivers system itself is free to customers of the CIA.

To learn more watch this walk-through video:

Paintball Field Safety Checklist

Paintball Field Safety

As a field owner you are faced with several liability issues that you should be aware of.  Usually we are too busy to notice the small details or to attend to all of them.  A check list would help so I have created one as a guideline. I will list 20 quick items that might help you from having claims on your paintball field.  Create your own check list from these ideas.

All paintball field owners should familiarize themselves with the ASTM Safe Practice for Paintball Field Operation (F1777-02) which is available at www.astm.org.  This checklist is for some guidance in starting and keeping your field safe.  It is not the gospel, but a guide. It is written with information from 13 years providing insurance for the paintball industry, from playing paintball for 14 years as a rec player, a tournament player, and a scenario player, owning a paintball field, and owning a family fun center with a paintball field. Continue reading “Paintball Field Safety Checklist”

Paintball Referee Job Description (Part II)

This paintball referee job description article is designed to share some important concepts for a referee for a paintball field.  Since safety is the main concern we stress that these concepts are followed.  These simple points will help you to run a safer and more profitable paintball business. This is part two of a two part series.  If you missed part I, you can read it here.

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Paintball Referee Job Description (Part I)

Paintball Referee Job Description
Paintball Referee Job Description

This article is to share some important concepts for a referee for a paintball field.  Since safety is the main concern we stress that these concepts are followed.  These simple points will help you to run a safer and more profitable paintball business.  This is part I of a two part series. Continue reading “Paintball Referee Job Description (Part I)”

Why Paintball Referees are your most important asset!

Think about it, who interacts with your customers more than your paintball referees?  Do you want someone that smiles and helps your customers or someone that is just there using oxygen?

We hired our referees with these qualities:

  1. Must smile during interview (if they are serious and are scared do not put them on a paintball field).
  2. Must have an ability to communicate effectively (someone that is soft spoken will not command attention of your players).
  3. Must want to be around people (in other words, someone that is a techy computer person might not be the best candidate). Continue reading “Why Paintball Referees are your most important asset!”