FunPro Closing – What you Need to Know

FunPro & Thomco announced that effective April 1st, 2015 they will pulling out of the party rental insurance industry. This announcement has led to much confusion & worry for customers that currently have insurance with FunPro. In the video below Larry Cossio explains exactly what this announcement means for you if you have an insurance policy with FunPro.

Ninja Jump Inflatables & Cossio Insurance

Ninja Jump, the leader in licensed inflatable products, has chosen Cossio Insurance Agency to be a Ninja Jump preferred insurance provider for all their customers. We are pleased at The CIA to be honored and chosen to provide insurance for their customers. Rouben from Ninja had a meeting with Larry at IAAPA last week and sealed the deal!

Visit there website to find out more about the licensed inflatables they have to offer.

Party Equipment Rentals – Why didn’t I get the right insurance coverage? Part1

Party Equipment Rentals Presentation at the Orlando Air Show in January of 2013. This presentation focuses on claims in the industry as well as the types of insurance you need for your Party Rental business to be properly covered.

You can watch Part 2 of the presentation here.

Indoor Inflatable Centers – “They can’t sue me for that, can they?” Part 1

Larry has some invaluable information on how to protect your indoor inflatable business and make sure that you have the proper insurance in order to be  fully covered. Check out Part 1 of Larry’s Indoor Inflatable Centers presentation at the Orlando Air Show in January of 2013 below. You can view Part 2 here

Amusement Rental Insurance – What coverage is needed?

Amusement Rental Insurance - what kind of insurance is needed?
Amusement Rental Insurance

As an equipment rental operator you have several exposures to consider and we will make this the short version of Insurance 101.  I have listed the 11 most important insurance coverage’s you should have:

  1. General liability is a must for operators as this will provide defense coverage in case you are sued for your negligence or your employee’s negligence. I am told frequently that they have the person sign the rental agreement or the waiver and they think that they are protected. Unfortunately we are in a country that allows anyone to sue for anything and attorneys that would take the case and pursue it. Defense costs are much more than the cost of the insurance! Continue reading “Amusement Rental Insurance – What coverage is needed?”