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DAY 1 Make back up copy of hard drive and all important documents such as your database, accounting, etc. (do weekly updates, I forgot to do this once)
DAY 2 Provide copies of data from Day 1 to someone in your family that does not live with you in case of fire or theft. (I take a duplicate of my complete hard drive home every week plus a daily back up at the office.)
DAY 3 Take digital pictures of every room in your house and business, send copies for family members, its documentation of what you have prior to a loss. ( its amazing at what a picture of all the good junk you have in your garage, closets, office will do for you in case of a claim)
DAY 4 Get a will, if you have minor children; make sure you chose a guardian for them while you are alive. Make sure you provide a copy to your family members in case you die they know where it is and what is supposed to happen. (Most people never make time to do this, took me about 30 years…..)
DAY 5 Have enough life insurance to take care of final expenses, college fund, pay off mortgage, and pay off car loans or credit cards. Make sure your spouse or family knows about the policy and provides the details and who to contact if you die to collect proceeds. (I have peace of mind knowing my family will not suffer if I were to die; now I have so much life insurance on me I do not sleep well because I am worth more dead than alive….)
DAY 6 Do not keep Christmas gifts in your trunk as that is where most thieves look. (Lost about $300 worth one time, just once)
DAY 7 If you have a theft from your home, take additional security measures, they usually return in 30 days to get the new stuff you just replaced! (A home security alarm with video cameras is a great Christmas present, especially in today’s economy, and you get discounts on your insurance!)
DAY 8 Make sure you change your antifreeze in your vehicles, not worth cracking your engine block. (Had an employee experience this last year, I bought antifreeze two days ago, still in the back of my truck…)
DAY 9 Check your tire pressure; check your tires to see if they are worn and replace them if needed, you will be driving in rain and snow this year. Check your windshield wipers, replace the squeaky suckers, they will annoy you to death. (I finally broke down and bought the good ones for my truck, my wife always gets the good ones@!##)
DAY 10 Change the batteries in your smoke alarms at home and at the office, also put the smoke alarms up that are in the closet waiting for you to do it from last year. Also make sure you have the carbon monoxide detectors up. Do not use propane or kerosene heaters in the house or a closed room, you could die.
DAY 11 If you live in a region that gets ice or snow, get that stuff that melts the ice off your windshield from the auto parts store and keep a couple cans in each vehicle with a scraper. (Do not use hot water to melt the ice; you will help out the windshield repair guy if you do…….)
DAY 12 Give your spouse one red rose with a card telling her/him how much you appreciate them. A hug is required daily. A note on the mirror in the bathroom before you leave for work saying you love that person goes miles. A phone call to your parents telling them thank you works real good. A phone call to your high school buddy does wonders. Turn off the TV and talk with your kids for a night. Play cards, a board game, learn to laugh and love again like the good old days. Take your spouse/partner to a movie, go for a walk, go to the mountains, do something with them that costs nothing but 2 hours of your time…… And most importantly, give thanks to the man up above because you woke up this morning and once again you have the ability to put a smile on someone’s face today. That is good insurance that you will be needed here again tomorrow…………..
Remember the reason for the season…………………
  Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year from your friends at Cossio Insurance Agency! If you have any questions about any of the 12 Days, call Larry Cossio at 864-688-0121.
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