Bind your Bounce U insurance package by 10/20/09 and deduct
$400 from your down payment or annual package premium!
  For your 2009-20010 renewal CIA has provided Bounce U Franchisees a new finance company with lower interest rates, a new property insurance carrier with lower rates, no more IALEI membership dues are required saving $300 on this year’s renewal and on franchisees with no claims pending lower liability rates when available. We have also shopped your insurance program with other insurance companies and have found lower coverage’s for lower premiums but would put your business in jeporady.

Some of you have had some tough times this year and we understand as we insure several hundred indoor facilities besides Bounce U. Some of you have mentioned that you are trying to cut costs and insurance is one place you are looking to cut. Be careful with this concept as coverage’s are so very important. Deleting coverage’s or shopping with another agent that does not understand your exposures could be financially devastating in case of a claim.

Example, another agent is selling insurance to indoor centers and does not disclose that inflatable’s are not covered under the policy…. BUT it is cheaper…..

Example, another agent is selling insurance to indoor centers and not including abusive acts or molestation….BUT it is cheaper…….

Example, another agent is selling insurance to indoor centers and not disclosing that child care is excluded…. BUT it is cheaper…..

It is important that you review all policy exclusions with any insurance policy, and if you are concerned if one of your exposures is covered, ask for something in writing from your agent stating that it is covered. Verbal discussions are not helpful in court…… Many of you have called and discussed different exposures with me and you know that I am direct and thorough and do not beat around the bush, I tell you if it is or not covered.

Be aware what a lawsuit will cost you, such as one of your customer’s filing a lawsuit against you stating one of your employees touched their child in the wrong place. Or if one of your employees went to get paper towels for the business and was in a car accident during work hours or went to make a deposit…. Are you covered? The worst insurance, or the most expensive insurance is one that does not defend you in case of a lawsuit……….. the savings may not be worth it….

We are here to help, thank you for your business in the past and looking for many more years working with all your franchisees.

If you do receive a quote for lower than what we have provided, email me a copy of the written quote. Your carrier stated that they will not be beaten on price and coverage and will match or beat any written quote with coverages.
Larry Cossio and the Cossio Insurance Agency Staff
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