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Fellow Paintball Industry Members,
The current state of the economy has brought our sport to a crossroads. We believe in the future of paintball, and we believe the future is what we will make it. But now more than ever we must work together and help one another. As an appreciated customer of Cossio Insurance Agency and a member of the paintball industry, we invite you to join us in the PSTA.
Larry and Marcela Cossio
Owners and Avid Paintball Members
The Paintball Sports Trade Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the paintball industry. You can join the PSTA
if you are a field operator or store owner, a product manufacturer or distributor, or a service provider to paintball businesses. The mission
of the PSTA is to provide information, education and a base of
communication for our membership. The PSTA is a resource center
where people in the business of paintball can talk to, learn from
and share ideas with others working in our sport. Join now and
your membership is FREE until October 1, 2009.
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