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What does your customer service say about your company?
I had my employee who is a techy guy do some research last year for a great amp and sub for my boat, gotta have my thumpin. He found that JL Audio has one of the best amps and we ordered it online from www.woofersetc.com in California the end of July 2009. I received it a week or so later and have it installed and the amp cuts out after 15 minutes of playing. I call the company back up and describe my challenge and he says that it must be my installation, bad ground, or too small of wire. I explain that the wire kit was from him, and that the installer has 10 years experience. He says to have him recheck everything.
Had it rechecked and same results, called them back again and I am told it must be my batteries. I replace both batteries in the boat, same results. I call them back again and am told it might be my speakers, so I replace them, same result. Call rep at Woofersetc.com again and am told that it sounds like the amp is going into protect mode as it its overheating. They still deny it is the amp, it must be the stereo or back to the wiring.

The installer I used says he has a 4 channel amp that he took out of his car and offered to put it into my boat and see if it was the amp as a test. Guess what, his amp does not cut off! So I call back Woofersetc.com the beginning of August 2010 and share with them that it is a faulty amp and am told that it is past the one year warrantee by 2 weeks. After pleading with them explaining that I have been discussing this issue with them for a year the rep says that there is nothing that they can do for me. He says that I can send them the amp and they can see if they can get the manufacturer to warranty the unit but will not guarantee anything. They give me the option of paying to have it repaired or purchase a new one. So I ship the amp back to them September 1 to see if JL will warranty their product. I keep calling for two months and keep getting the run around telling me to be patient or pay to have it fixed.

I finally go online to JL Audio’s website and find the President's email address and share my story with him via email. I ask to locate my unit and if they will be honoring the warranty. While looking at JL Audio’s website I notice that the marine amps have a TWO year warranty. I also find a section that talks about AUTHORIZED vendors and a list of them. Guess what, Woofersetc.com is not one of them and the warranty states it must be from one of their authorized vendors due to fraud and other issues. Great news huh?

Now for the good part. The very next day I get an email from the VP of Marketing at JL and they offer a resolution. If I provide the info on the company giving me the run around and allow them to post it on their website JL will replace my amp! I am excited and agree and give my shipping address. Three days later I get a brand new model digital amp AND a remote control for the subwoofer!! What customer service, they went overboard to make sure that they had a happy customer. Now what JL Audio has done is created a customer for life due to resolving an unfortunate experience and turning it around to a positive experience! Every business owner can learn from my story and the actions of JL Audio. I applaud the management of JL Audio and if this is part of their mission statement we should all take a look at this. If there is a situation where you have an unhappy customer, do what you can to resolve the issue, and then take it one more step. You can turn around the situation by just working out some of the details that caused the issue and then offering something extra. Sit down with your employees and find out what is the most common complaint about the product or service you provide. Address how to handle customers or prospects that have this complaint, what to say, how to act, maybe do some role playing so that your employees know how to react to an unhappy customer. Remember, one unhappy customer will spread the bad news 100 times faster that one happy customer spreading good news about your company.

My story is a great example, the moral of the story, do not purchase anything from Woofersetc.com, check and make sure that the place you purchase your products from are authorized vendors, and if you need audio products, it is worth the money to buy JL Audio products from an authorized dealer which can be found at www.jlaudio.com.

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