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Tired of Boxes & Boxes of Waivers?

We have finalized the Fre, did we say FREE, basic program for digital waivers for our customers. You can input your specific waiver language, add your logo, and PRESTO, you are set. You get a link to put on your website, a QR code to use at the counter or your website for your techy customers to get right on your waiver site to complete the waiver on their desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

No more Paper Waivers
It immediately assigns a member number to your customer, you immediately get an email that they are set up and done. You get a report at the end of the day of all your customers in an Excel spreadsheet. AND while you at your screen, you can pull up and existing customer to verify it is current and add them onto the daily report with just a click!

But wait there's more
If you wish to have the CIA Marketing System email your customers for every holiday automatically,


Cost is $125 year to do the marketing for you, that is about $10 a month for a system to automatically contact everyone in your database, offer them to return in 30 days, come in for a holiday, come back on their birthday, etc... We have the templates in the system, you just add any script you want such as a special price or prizes.

Check it out at www.digitalwaiversrus.com
or watch the tutorial video describing all the features