Paintball International has been promoting paintball fields across the United States and beyond since 1989. In that time they have introduced millions of people to paintball through their Paintball Tickets marketing. Over 350,000 people played paintball through their efforts in 2012 alone. In 2013 they are partnering with some of the largest companies and teams in paintball to drive new players to fields in their network.

The unique thing about Paintball International is that they do all of the work for you, with no cost at all for the field owner. As a paintball field, you simply design a discount program with them that includes free admission and a free rental marker for the end user but requires a minimum purchase of paint and air which is typically about $25, but will depend based on your normal pricing.

Call (415)789- 6020 or email


  • Passes will be available to new players through Paintball International's partnerships with many of the largest manufacturers in the paintball industry. These passes will be distributed through the manufacturers targeted websites for new players, at events they're attending to find new players, and through the sale of inexpensive markers at mass merchants.

  • Passes are also made available through partnerships with Daily Deal sites such as Google Offers, Groupon, Goldstar, Living Social, and many others. In addition to being sold as a stand-alone item, the passes will be combined with other goods and services to offer packages to consumers such as a "Boys Weekend" with paintball passes, comedy show passes, and white water rafting. Marketing efforts such as these expand the reach of the passes to people who might not have purchased paintball passes by themselves, but will go try it once they have the passes as part of another package.

  • Passes are made available through their network of sales representatives who attend events, set up at Costco's and Sam's Clubs, and go door to door to businesses.

All of these passes will be issued using Paintball International's proprietary software which will tell the end user all of the details needed to redeem the passes at your field. The end user will go to the website where they will enter their email address. Once the pass is redeemed at your location, they will automatically receive an email from you thanking them for playing. This email can also include some type of special offer from your field. You have the ability to send these people additional emails at a later date as well.

Paintball International offers a great marketing service for fields which has been proven over the years as the most effective way to get new players to try paintball. Their new partnerships with the industry’s biggest companies makes their services even more effective. All of this is at no cost to the field owner.

If you are interested in joining the Paintball International network of fields, or have any questions, please contact Eric Crandall at: (415) 789-6020 or

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