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Improve your business for the year 2011
Well we are coming to the end of 2010, most of the fields had an increase in business, most of the stores were flat with no growth. The economy has caused some of you to start marketing and selling your services again. In speaking with field owner’s they are telling me that they are contacting the players in their database and offering discounts to entice them to come back and play again.

Oh, you do not have a database??? Use your waivers to get the information of your customers and put them into a database where you can collect their email addresses so you can do email blasts to stay in contact with them. You should be sending them something once a month to keep your field name in front of them. Offering your field for birthday parties, corporate outings such as team building, church groups for youth ministries, charity fund raisers will create a buzz about your paintball field and keep them coming back.
PC logo I have another great BUSINESS BUILDER for you from Scott at Party Center Software. Have you been looking to increase your sales or keep track of how many employees you need, or have an online 24/7 booking system for your parties? Scott has the program for you! The best part is that you get all this for about $250 per month! Scott will waive the $500 custom theming fee for all CIA customers! is an online party booking and management tool designed to increase party bookings and decrease labor. It is used to augment the already high level of customer service and support provided to the customer. We are used in a few hundred companies across 7 countries. If you are interested in capturing more business and reducing the amount of time spent managing your party or event bookings then is the solution for you. Whether it's a birthday party, corporate event, team building or sports party our software can sell and manage the entire process. also has available an integrated EPOS (Point of Sale) system to allow you to manage all aspects of your business and you can access those details from the palm of your hand. Our software can be run from a mobile device to tell you if an employee has clocked in or out of work, how much money you have in each till, what parties are booked and what needs to be done for each party. You can know everything from anywhere using our online suite of tools.

Give Scott Drummond a call at 888.804.1166 x3

The second BUSINESS BUILDER is a way to cut down your expenses with a more competitive credit card company. Not all companies are the same and we found out that there are several charges for processing a credit card where they are making money on each transaction. We were able to save over $2000 on these charges by having Mike Durante at Credit Cards Direct review your bill. He had us send in our credit card statement, he compared what we were paying and showed us how he could save us money in a couple of days. Give Mike a call at 877-488-8472 and tell him to give you the CIA discount rate.
Items for you to address for year end
1) Waivers need to be kept for atleast 3 years. You can scan them and save them on a portable hard drive.
2) Back up your database and accounting information every week and save it off premises.
3) Change your batteries in all your smoke detectors.
4) Make sure your insurance is up to date with an insurance review on your home, auto, business, life and disability insurance policices.
5) Make sure you have a will and your will updated and that your family members know where it is at.
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