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Winter 2016

Special Event 2017 Conference

Larry Cossio will be speaking on January 12th from 2:45 - 4:15 on a session that will tell you more about the insurance coverages that you need as Special Event Professionals & protecting your business against potential claims.

The session is called "Why do we need insurance on our business? Why do they need insurance to protect me?" By attending this seminar you can earn 1.5 clock hour toward your CMP certification or re-certification in C: Risk Management.

To learn more about The Special Event 2017 & register for the event visit their website: http://www.thespecialeventshow.com/

Insurance Answers Here

Product Recall - Paintball Gun

Paintball Eye Injuries

A recent study has found that while Paintball does not have the highest risk of eye injury, it does have the highest risk of vision loss associated with eye injury.

The risk of vision loss is greater because the ball is small enough to actually puncture the eyeball itself. This is why face, ear & eye protection is so important, especially in Paintball & Airsoft.

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Sanitizing your Inflatables

Winter time is fast approaching, so are colds & runny noses. While it is always important to sanitize your devices daily and/or after each rental...this becomes especially important during the winter months.

Cleaning Inflatable

Now Covering Water Zorbs!

Upcoming Agenda

  • December 26th - 30th: The office will be closed the week after Christmas in celebration of the holiday.
  • January 10th - 12th:Larry Cossio will be attending & speaking at "The Special Event 2017" in Long Beach, California. Learn More
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