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Are the pictures or logos on your website your own or copyrighted? Do you have your players sign a release for the use of their pictures?
Do you have the correct signage? Is your field layout safe ie: do they shoot towards the staging or parking area?
Does your staff know how to read the date on the tank? Are your fill stations marked with the correct limit allowed for fills?
Do you have a backup chronograph? Do you have a Z entrance into the chronograph station?
Is it documented how and when each ref was trained? Are your emergency guidelines written? Who trained them?
Do you have a warranty? Is it in writing on the receipt? Do you install products on their guns?
Did you copy yours off the internet? How long do you have to save one?

Does someone else run scenario games at your field? Do they have insurance and name you as additional insured? Do you have vendors do the same?

What to do in case of an incident? Do you have proof that you notified your agent? Did you take pictures?

Your business and insurance What type of insurance do I need?

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