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We have great news for you if you
might be renewing on March 1, 2012!
If you go to Paintball Extravaganza next week I will be doing a Safety Seminar on how to lower your liability exposures for your field. Yeah most people know it all but every one that has seen this session has commented on how much they have overlooked. If you pass the test at the end of the seminar you will qualify for a $100 discount voucher on your insurance with us.
What's in it for you if you're not going?

The fact that our insurance rates have actually dropped approximately
$100 in most states and you will realize an immediate $100 lower insurance cost this year.

The bigger bonus is the potential for additional income for your paintball field with the CIA paintball program. We can show you how using the CIA insurance program brings $5000-7000 increase each year in sales!! Itís simple math baby! If you can now allow only 3 players under the age of 10 to play each day on the weekend, and your field fee is $15 and a bag of paint is $15 that is $600 extra per month and $8640 extra in gross sales for the year!!!!!

A new association is being formed for the Paintball Industry!

The biggest secret is the new association program for paintball players/fields/stores!!! No more waivers, a web based database that does all the work for you, gives your reports on who played, when was the last time they played, sends them automated emails to come back and play, for holiday play when you are open etc.

We are offering this to all of our paintball fields as an option to build your business.
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