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November 15, 2011
CIA update for paintball field operators
Fall is finally here, no more 100 degree weather! Reports from most fields are that attendance is up for 2011. We are even hearing of retail sales increasing from the stores and pro shops! We have more good news for our customers! Each title has a link for more info and special pricing for you.
Save around $150 on your field insurance this year! Save around $150 on your field insurance this year!
The CIA has some great news for our paintball field customers and for the tournament promoters. We currently use 3 insurance companies to provide insurance for paintball fields in the USA. Some of you that are insured with Lexington will see a price decrease as the program has finally been accepted in all but 5 states. Price decreases could be around $150 per year for small fields, around $180 for mid size fields, and around $300 for large fields! If you are not currently insured with the CIA then maybe you should check in on the benefits.
Save another $100!
If you wish to save another $100 on your paintball field insurance with Cossio Insurance Agency attend
Paintball Extravaganza February 28-March 1 and take our paintball safety class, pass the written test and become safety certified for field exposures and reffering exposures. If you renew from 1/1/12 to 3/1 we will apply the discount, if you renew on or after 3/1 we will apply the credit on renewal. This program does not matter which of our three companies you are insured with, the voucher will count on renewal or new business. If you are currently insured with us or just want to switch over to us, it will enhance your safety knowledge and hopefully help your safe record stay intact.
Do you have a database or an online reservation program?

If not you need to check with Scott Drummond of 888.804.1166 x3. He has helped paintball fields and family fun centers increase their bottom line by using his program. It's web based, it works 24/7, and you have a full time assistant booking parties for you. It has a point of sale, reservation, work schedule, etc. all built into one program. Customers of the CIA get a $500 value free, Custom Branding/Free custom theme of their online booking to match exactly with their website. This offer expires 12/20/11 and you must mention that you are a customer of the CIA.

Do you have the ability to mass text messages to your customers
to tell them about a special event or promiton?

Ryan Krischke of Three Rivers Paintball in PA has an awesome program with his company Greenwave TXT Marketing that allows you to send text messages to your customers to offer specials, discounts, special games etc. Letís say that there is a snow day or school is closed, you can immediately send out a text to your customers and notify them that you are open! Give Ryan a call to see how this can increase your bottom line 412-977-6590. Take advantage of being insured with the CIA and get the $99 setup fee waived AND get $20 per month discount off the service. Just call Ryan at 412-977-6590 and ask for the CIA discount!
Valken has hot deal on paint...

Gino notified us that through the end of November 2011 he has white box for $19.95 per case. Go to and get some. Also has a lot of hard to find parts that might interest you! Did you know that Valken has a commercial promoting paintball? George also let me in on a this little tidbit. Valken also sponsors a Hydroplane and race cars, in addition to paintball teams?

Weekend Warrior Sportz has a deal on field safety signs!

Through the end of November 2011 WWS has a special on field safety signs. These are made out of the same vinyl that bunkers are made out of so they are virtually indestructible! You can check out all the sayings on their site at 20% off till the end of November. Check out their custom barrel socks and paintball netting also.
Cossio Insurance Agency PB Update.

Do you need the latest info in paintball, I do and I am subscribed! Just email and he will get you hooked up with the latest and greatest every Thursday afternoon.

Procaps has released new Vforce thermal lenses?

Brian Barno had Aaron shoot me this info:

Vforce has recently released thermal/dual panned lenses for their entire line of Vforce Goggles.
DraXxus has released their new paintball pants, the 2012 SV2 series starting with one version in red/black and the other in all black.
DraXxus Paintball / DXS Paintball has a full line of environmentally friendly paintballs designed to make life easy for the field owner with minimal cleanup.

GI Sportz has a new mask Sleek Vision System and Pods!

Also have new pods that are made up from the scrap of the lenses, basically bullet proof!!! Check them out at

Kee Action Sports

Johnny Postorivo gave me this update:

Empire will be launching its official Thanksgiving Weekend Sale this year beginning November 23rd as well as our Countdown to Christmas starting on December 1st. If you're interested in participating in any of the sale, contact your local sales rep for details. Don't forget to ask about being added to our email list so you get up to the minute announcements when deals go live and new products are released.

You can also stay up-to-date on all the happenings around Empire, Battle Tested and JT Paintball by following us on our social networks.

Dye Precision has a great deal on their field goggles!

Chris Williamson gave us this tid bit:

Proto Field Rental goggles are the only purpose built rental goggles on the market. They boast a rental specific strap, thick closed cell foam, and built in visor. The goggles start at $14.95 and we offer a rebate of $2.50 per goggle that is taken out of a rental fleet and destroyed. We have additional price breaks as well! Additionally fields that are not currently dealers but would like to buy proto field rental goggle can do so with no minimum opening order!