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I paid NSERA how much for my paintball insurance?!?!
Save about 10 - 50% on insurance costs
Is your accidental medical policy up for renewal in December? DO NOT RENEW until you check out our program. Do not pay for association dues for associations that do not exist! Lower your insurance costs by 10 - 50%.
I have a big question. Your accidental medical premium for $50,000/per person coverage (with $250 deductible) is $236. Why is it that my $25,000 excess accident policy from NSERA is quoted at $1446??? I have been with NSERA for the past few years since Larry was unable to obtain paintball coverage. There seems to be a huge difference. What’s up???

Marty Jacobs
Randall Paintball
The new insurance program from CIA is wonderful. The huge
saving will ultimately let us improve our locations and serve
our customers better. We did not hesitate to switch!

Dean Del Prete
Cousins Paintball

Ben Kerswick from Paintball Bonanza of Houston
saved over $45000.
The Good Stuff
Accident Medical Insurance is required with the other program of $25,000. Why buy $25,000 when you can buy $50,000 for 50% off? We only use A+ rated US insurance carriers. Shop and compare your Accident Medical Renewal Quote vs.
CIA rates!
only $236!
2,500 Players
5,000 Players only $494!
10,000 Players only $945!
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