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We are getting slammed with phone calls on what the heck is going on with your paintball insurance. The cancellation letters have pissed off a lot of field owners and you are all concerned. Some of you are being contacted by MIC and then NSERA. Some of you are being asked to sign a broker of record letter.

In a nutshell, Axis Insurance Company decided to pull out of writing paintball field insurance due to claims. So they sent a cancellation non-renewal letter to everyone. Now you probably noticed NSERA wrote thru MIC, policies issued in the name of MIC. MIC scrambled to find markets and ended up going back to Philadelphia Insurance who they had written thru previously. So reportedly they took customers that NSERA has sent to them and did applications with last year’s sales information and sent it into Phily to block NSERA. Now NSERA is asking you to sign a broker of record letter as he is blocked out. I think that they have used 5 different insurance carriers in 8 years.
Oh darn, now we are here for you and able to provide a quote the same day, with stable carriers that have not gone away. Remember our program allows you to increase your bottom line, putting more profits in your pocket. We also write with Philly, but depending on the individual risk. They are also a great company. We have been providing insurance for paintball longer than any other company, we insure more fields, promoters, and manufacturers. Great service + Great policy + Great prices = Happy Profitable Customers .
If you attend Paintball Extravaganza February 28 to March 1 and take our safety seminar and pass the quiz, you will get a $100 voucher for your insurance with us! If you attend Paintball Extravaganza February 28 to March 1 you will have more information on increasing your sales in 2012 than your competitor! If you purchase your field insurance with the CIA this year, you will have the best coverage in the industry, with the least restrictions, and improve your bottom line! New discounts for paintball fields for 2012.

Our staff will be here tomorrow from 10 am -2 pm East Coast time to answer questions 864-688-0121. If you want to switch or get a quote, call us or email Larry directly @ larry@cossioinsurance.com.If you want an application go to www.paintballinsurance.com.

Top Secret: New paintball association program rolling out….. no more waivers to file, database for field owners, promotional advertising for paintball to grow, reports on your players, who has not returned in 60 days, etc. Its finally here!
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