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We offer party rental insurance for your business. Whether you rent inflatable moonwalks or other types of party equipment such as chairs and tables we've got you covered! if you need to have insurance for your party equipment rental business our staff specializes in finding competitive quotes for your individual risks. Inflatable & Party Rental insurance programs vary with different companies. That is why we represent all of the best programs in the industry to get you the best possible quote that we can.

Our quotes take into consideration your experience in the industry, your insurance track record and the units that you own and operate. This way we are able to provide you with affordable prices and coverage for your particular business.

If you would like to get a quick estimate, please call us at (864) 688-0121 or request an estimate below. In order to get an actual formal quote, please complete an application.



NOTE: This is only a ROUGH ESTIMATE and not a formal quote. Quote price is for some one who has had insurance for 3 years without any claims. Additional discounts and or charges may apply.To get an actual quote please fill out an application.

$ (Coverage for a year)

Other Coverage

On top of your regular party rental insurance policy there are some additional policies that you may need to make sure that your business is fully covered.

Workers Compensation

This coverage is a requirement in most states if you have employees. It provides coverage for bodily injury, medical bills, loss of income, death for all employees, full time or part time.

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Inland Marine (Property)

This provides coverage for your business property for fire, theft, vandalism on premises, or if Inland Marine while off premises. If you cannot afford to lose your inventory to theft or fire, this is an important coverage to purchase.

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Commercial Auto

Your personal auto policy has an exclusion for business use so you will have no coverage under your current auto insurance policy. A commercial auto policy will cover you for both business use and personal use. If you use a trailer to carry your rentals to the location add this unto your policy.

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The basic business policy does not include flood insurance, this type of coverage must be obtained separately.

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Mobile Rock Wall

If you also have a Mobile Rock Wall we will need you to fill out this supplemental application.

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Useful Documents

The following documents include a sample waiver that you can use for customers, as well as templates for keeping track of your inventory.

DocumentWaiver Sample

PDF Inventory

PDF Application

Excel Inventory

Questions about party rental insurance?

why didn't I buy the right coverage for my inflatables?

Presented at the Orlando AIR show in January of 2013. This presentation goes over ways to keep your inflatable business safe & talks about different coverages you should have.

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