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It is important that you hire trained, trustworthy individuals for your party rental company. Not only for the safety of your customers, but for the well-being of your company as well. A party rental company based in California is bankrupt after one of their employees embezzled $1.2 million over the course of a year and a half. Classic Party Rentals was forced to file bankruptcy after the loss of the $1.2 million. The employee used the company credit card to pay for luxurious vacations, home renovations and other expensive items. The woman will spend 2 years in jail and is ordered to pay reparations, although it is doubtful the woman will ever be able to come even close to paying back that amount of money. 

What can you do to protect your business? There are a few things that can be done to help protect your business. In regards to employees, background checks would be a wise idea for any employee that will be working with your finances, or having one on one contact with customers. You can also add an Employee Dishonesty coverage to your policy that will add protection in case an employee does something like in this case. If you want to learn more about Employee Dishonesty coverage contact one of our agents at 864-688-0121.



Atlanta News Now. "Georgia woman sentenced to 2 years for embezzling over $1.2M from former employer". March 19, 2019.

The owner of Action Joe’s, a party rental company that rents out Bungee Trampolines, Hamster Balls, Portable Rock Walls, Zip Lines & Inflatable Slides has been accused of producing child pornography. Police were first contact on March 18th when a woman called saying that the owner (Joe Masters) had tried to molest her 9 year old daughter. The St. Ann Missouri police obtained a search warrant for his home & hidden surveillance video of children in his home. In one video a girl was taped using the bathroom.

They released Masters that Monday but he was again arrested Thursday on a federal criminal charge for producing child pornography. Joe Masters had two previous incidents with the law. On was an indecency charge in 1992 & the other an improper touching charge in 2013. These two previous charges were dropped and Master’s is not registered as a sex offender. In addition he has not yet been charged for the allegations and he denies that he inappropriately touched any children.

While the article does sound very condemning, we do live in a country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. On Monday the Action Joe’s email & phone number were turned off. If Mr. Master’s is indeed innocent in regards to events that may have happened with his party rental business, that is where Abuse & Molestation Insurance Coverage would come in. Another thought on this situation…should owners of businesses that cater to children be required to have a background check before they are allowed to open the business? Comment your thoughts below.


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In June 2013 three children were injured when an inflatable device collapsed on them while they were jumping inside. Why did the bounce house collapse? The generator running the bounce house blower ran out of gas. This could have been easily avoided by checking the gas in the generator before it was dropped off at the party.

Do you have a safety check list that you run through every day? If not, first of all you need to make one. If you already have one, great! Make sure that you add “check generator gas” to your bounce house safety checklist if you use a generator to power your bounce house blowers.

You can read the full news article here:

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At a Cinco de Mayo carnival in Omaha, Nebraska an 11 year old girl’s scalp was torn from her head when her long hair got caught in a carnival ride called “King’s Crown”. Witnesses say that she slipped from her seat onto the floor of the ride and her hair got caught in the spinning mechanism in the middle of the ride. The ride kept spinning for up to 5–10 minutes as people yelled for the operator to stop the ride. She also suffered a skull fracture in the incident. Graphic images after her surgery show where her scalp was reattached right along her eyes. Her family says the doctor’s do not know if the girl will ever be able to see again.

An NBC Omaha News station reached out to our owner Larry Cossio (whom they call the carnival insurance expert) to find out what type of insurance process would take place in a situation like this. While this is not one of our insured companies, Larry told Omaha News that smalls claims usually take about 2–3 months to be settled, but with a severe bodily injury like this one it could take 1–3 years because the claims will normally go to court. Many things go into play such as medical bills, pain and suffering, the reaction of staff & the safety of the amusement ride. This means that not only the operators but also the ride manufacturers may be held responsible for an accident like this.

Carnival Ride Operators should make sure that rides are periodically inspected by a professional for safety & also do daily inspections on the rides. Operators must also make sure that riders are properly fastened in their seats so that they can not slip out. Any spinning or moving mechanisms should not be exposed for hair and or body parts to become caught in.

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Mechanical Bulls can be very safe but they can also be very dangerous depending on if you are following safety tips properly. Here are some mechanical bull safety tips that can help you make sure that riders stay safe on your mechanical bull.
1) Make sure that the bull is operated by an attendant that understands how to safely operate the bull and knows the rider restrictions. Younger children can safely ride the bull as long as the operator knows how to control the movement to keep the bull from bucking the child violently.
2) Make sure that the inflatable padding surrounding the bull does not have any gaps in which the rider could fall and injure themselves. It is especially important to make sure that the support beams of the mechanical bull are properly covered.
3) You should never let intoxicated persons ride the bull.
4) Never let more than one person ride the mechanical bull at one time. If a child is not big enough to ride the bull by themselves they should not be riding the bull at all, even with a parent.
5) Make sure that cords are properly covered or secured down so that no one can trip and make sure that you have the bull plugged into the correct type of outlet.
6) Regularly inspect your bull for damage or malfunction.
7) Make sure that the area surrounding the bull setup is free of objects that could harm the rider in case they are thrown of the inflatable padding.
8) Your bull should not have any sharp horns and the head should be soft.

These safety tips can drastically reduce the risk of accidents on your mechanical bull. However, even with the strictest safety accidents can happen. That is why it is important to make sure that your equipment is properly insured. Find out more about our mechanical bull insurance.

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