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  1. Company Info
  2. Premises
  3. Operations
  4. Rentals
  5. Abuse
  6. Liquor
  7. Auto
  8. Property
  9. Confirmation
    • In order to process your application we need you to attach the following documents:
    • Completed Application with all Questions Answered
    • Loss Runs (5 years)
    • No loss letter if operating with no insurance
    • Copy of rental agreement or waiver
    • Picture of signage with hold harmless wording (Pay for Play Only)
    • Safety Rules

    • (Applies to all parts of this application and attachments submitted)
      It is hereby understood and agreed that if insurance is issued by virtue of completing this application and any applicable supplemental applications, the Insurance is only issued on the reliance on the applicant’s warranty of answers to the questions above and on any such supplemental applications. If, at the time a certificate/policy is issued and ANY OF THE ABOVE WARRANTIES IS IN ANY RESPECT INCORRECT, INCLUDING CLAIMS OR GROSS RECEIPTS, THE COVERAGE AFFORDED UNDER THE CERTIFICATE/POLICY shall, without notice to the applicant, immediately and automatically cease, & the certificate/policy shall BECOME NULL AND VOID. Warranties will survive a certificate/policy if issued.
    • Draw your signature