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  1. Company Info
  2. Premises
  3. Operations
  4. Rentals
  5. Abuse
  6. Liquor
  7. Auto
  8. Property
  9. Confirmation

  • Do you operate any of the following? (Please select all that you operate)

    If none of these apply please click NEXT to continue to the next page.

  • Annual Receipts
  • # of Units?
  • Are all inflatables properly anchored/secured/tied down?
  • Type of flooring in inflatables area:
  • Do inflatables have signs clearly indicating age, height, or size limitations?
  • Are your inflatables inspected by the state and/or your employees?
  • How often is the inflatable(s) checked and inspected?
  • Are daily maintenance records kept?
  • Are all inflatables manned by an operator/attendant?
  • How many attendants at each inflatable?
  • Are all attendants over the age of 18?
  • If no, please describe:
  • Describe attendants responsibilities:
  • Explain the emergency plan in case of unplanned deflation:
  • How are weight/age limitations enforced?
  • Are rides of similar size and ability grouped together on inflatable bounces?
  • With regard to inflatable rides that allow riders to participate one at a time (e.g. a slide), what is the guideline for letting the next participant go?
  • Will the inflatable have permanently attached warning labels and safety instructions?
  • $
  • Will inflatable(s) be set up indoors or outdoors?
  • Is the inflatable(s) set up on flat ground?
  • Describe the plan for weather emergencies (e.g. rain and/or high winds), if outdoors:
  • Are there procedures to suspend use during inclement weather?
  • Are they rented with operators/attendants?
  • Do you deliver the inflatables?
  • Do you set up the inflatables?
  • Do you tear down the inflatables?
  • Do you use the manufacturer’s checklist for the set up and use of the equipment?
  • $
  • Does the rock wall include an auto belay system?
  • # of Attendants:
  • # of Walls:
  • Who built the wall(s)?
  • Does your organization have an inspection policy and/or practices in place for all critical safety equipment?
  • How often are the checks done?
  • Are records kept?
  • Are signs posted indicating age/size limitations and operation instructions?
  • Where will the rock wall be set up?
  • Is the rock wall set up on flat ground?
  • How many attendants at the rock wall?
  • Are all attendants over the age of 18?
  • Describe attendants responsibilities:
  • Who is the manufacturer of the rock wall?
  • Is the cable replacement date verified and current?
  • How are weight/age limitations enforced?
  • How many people are allowed on the rock wall at one time?
  • Will the rock wall have permanently attached warning labels and safety instructions?
  • Will your employees receive formal training on the safe operation of the rock wall?
  • Do climbers have to sign a waiver and release of liability prior to climbing?
  • $
  • Is there playground equipment?
  • Describe:
  • Number of employees supervising play area:
  • Are there signs indicating age, height, or size limitations?
  • What type of flooring under equipment?

Please make sure that you have completed everything to the best of your knowledge before going to the next page.