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  1. Business Info
  2. Equipment
  3. Confirmation

  • Are there any Ramps, Sliders, Trap Doors or Moving Floors?
  • Are they adequately lighted at the Top? Bottom?
  • Are all Entrances, Exits Stairways and/or Steps adequately lit?
  • Are all Stairways and/or Steps adequately equipped with Handrails?
  • Will any Actors, or Others, be in any contact with Patrons?
  • Are Attendants trained in first aid?
  • Distance to the Hospital?
  • Are Guides used?
  • Minimum Age:
  • Ratio of Guides to Patrons:
  • Is a Security Service utilized?
  • Armed? Insured? Licensed?
  • Will there by any "Moonwalks" or Inflatables used?
  • Are Warnings posted for patrons with Heart Conditions and/or Pregnant Women?
  • Are there fire extinguishers?
  • Smoke detectors?
  • Emergency exits?
  • If you are having a Maze, number of acres of the Maze?
  • Is the maze lighted?
  • Will there be Hayrides?
  • Tractor or Horse Drawn?
  • Does the wagon have sides?
  • Capacity?
  • Age Requirements?
  • Attendant on Board?
  • On Public or Private property?
  • Prior Insurance Carrier?
  • Premium:
  • Insurance ever been cancelled?
  • Insurance ever refused to renew?