Secrets to a better Paintball Field!

Secrets to a better Paintball Field!
Secrets to a better Paintball Field!

Okay, so you have hopefully made it through the first half of the year and are wondering what direction the paintball industry is going. From talking with field owners and store owners there are mixed emotions out there. The store owners are hit the hardest as nobody is buying very much new equipment. The field owners are mostly saying that business is up, more returning players and new players. I have the best secrets for you and suggest you at least check it out. Here are 4 to start.

Secret #1

The Paintball Sports Trade Association is in full swing now and the website has a ton of information on it. Are you wondering is this just the same old thing with all the other associations? Sorry, new chapter in paintball here guys and gals. You have the top manufacturers, store owners, field owners, and tournament promoters all on the board of officers offering advice, information, direction, and products and services from what I am told. I was fortunate to spend some time talking with Russell Maynard, the director, and he told me that he wants to hear from you, email him and tell him what YOU want from an association and what the association can do for you. Geezus it’s free right now!

Secret #2

Paintball Extravaganza! This event is becoming THE event to be at if you are a field or store owner or looking to start one. There are success seminars, tech classes and certification classes, safety seminars, manufacturers, distributors, and even a neat insurance guy and a couple of gals there. In talking with store and field owners that did experience the last one we heard nothing but excitement about the information that was delivered, the deals that were made on products, and the faces that were finally seen that you always speak with on the phone.

If you plan on doing anything for the success of your paintball business this year, this is one you need to show up for! Call up Rick Chard or go to his website at and register to show up and win!

Secret #3

Most of the fields that I have been speaking with have good numbers so far this year. It would seem that the locals are not traveling as much and staying home and enjoying local activities more. Corporate America is looking to spend less and is using paintball as a corporate event for team building to keep moral high in these tough times.

Moms and dads are not having the expensive kid’s birthday parties at indoor family fun centers but are bringing them to the paintball parks. I have also heard that bachelor parties at paintball parks are on the rise so get marketing to those bridal bazaars.

Yes marketing costs money but there are hundreds of ways to bring the people in that are not as expensive. Several fields use FREE admission coupons to pass out everywhere they go. Work out a deal with your local theater for the next release of a new movie to be in the lobby handing out free passes to your paintball park. Your cost is the coupons, which you can do business card size and get full color ones at around $200 for $1000. You will average 10% of the coupons that you hand out coming back to redeem them at your paintball park. Do the math folks:

Your cost
1000 Full color cool looking business card coupons $20
2 good looking girls to pass out coupons for 8 hours $150
The total is only a shocking $170. is the online website we use

If 10% of these 1000 coupons are redeemed you have 100 new customers. They still have to rent the equipment say $10 and buy a bag of 500 paintballs for say $15 so you are getting $25 per player. 100 players x $25 = $2500

So now you have 100 more people in your database to sell to. (You do have a database of customers from your waivers correct?) You grossed $2500 less your $170 up front costs, so you are at around $2330 in extra income that you would not have had. You have potential repeat customers. No brainer.

As a previous field owner I was greedy before and did not want to give anything away. Then I had this information shared with me and it was amazing to see the results from so little work. So field owners get crankin”!

Secret #4

Credit Card Service companies are not all the same! Have you ever compared your credit card charges for each transactional charge, the monthly statement, percentage of charge? Several years ago someone told me to check it out. Of course I was too busy and did not get around to it for the first 6 years or so. Then I checked with Credit Cards Direct, and Mike Durante. Mike is a “broker” that works with several banks to provide the lowest overall rates. He ended up saving me about $3000 a year on charges! And he shops around for us to make sure we have the best deal. You can reach him at (877) 488-8472.

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