Paintball Referee Job Description (Part II)

This paintball referee job description article is designed to share some important concepts for a referee for a paintball field.  Since safety is the main concern we stress that these concepts are followed.  These simple points will help you to run a safer and more profitable paintball business. This is part two of a two part series.  If you missed part I, you can read it here.

5. You are expected to walk the fields each morning and evening.  You will do this by:

a. Using the buddy system, walk all fields looking for trip and fall issues such as branches, rocks, rope and remove all dangers.

b. Review all bunkers to make sure that no nails are protruding.  Repair any that need repair.  If there are wood pieces missing fix them.

c. Review all the danger areas with orange tape and replace tape if torn down.  Keep the players from entering that area.

d. Check the netting for any holes or tears.  Repair or replace when needed.

e. Check all no trespassing signs, goggle on signs, safety signs and make sure that they are up where they should be.

f. Check for any snakes or ants.  Kill any that exist.  Ask for assistance from a manager.  Sprayer and insecticide are on premises.  If not put in order for supplies.

g. Make sure that the chronograph is put out in the morning and picked up in the evening on your closing shift.  Make sure back up battery is on site.

h. Make sure that the target area has targets to shoot at.

i. Remove all trash on the ground as you are working and the closing shift should make sure that the trash is in the dumpster.  All boxes and bags, cups etc.

6. You will be responsible for the parking area and staging area and activities in the parking and staging areas.  You will do this by:

a. Always keep an eye on what is going on in the staging area and parking area.  Keep those eyes moving.

b. Walk through the staging and parking areas to insure that the players know you are watching them.

c. Do not allow players to be without barrel blocking devices in parking area.  It is under your control and rules.  Make them follow the rules.

d. Do not allow horseplay such as shooting at each other, wrestling, and throwing paintballs at each other.  It will just escalate into a challenge later.

e. Have trash cans around and tell the players to pick up after themselves.

7. You will be responsible for the registration building.  You will do this by:

a. Keep the floor clean of trash and debris and paintballs.

b. Sweep the floor each night and keep clean.

c. Keep the tanks chained.  Keep inventory on when you need to order more Co2 or Nitrogen and notify a manager in writing.

d. Keep inventory of paintballs. Each person that sells a case of paintballs should sign out for it.  Notify a manager in writing when you need to order more.  Keep 25 cases of paintballs at all time.

e. Keep the fridge full of drinks and notify a manager in writing when you need to order more.  Not when you run out.

f. Keep paper towels, alcohol and soap in stock.  Notify a manager in writing when you need to order more.

g. Keep inventory for necessities in stock.  Notify a manager in writing when you need to order more.

h. Keep change in cash register.  Notify a manager when need more.

8. You will be responsible to have the rental equipment ready for each group in advance.  You will do this by:

a. You will review the schedule in advance to see when you work and what parties are scheduled.  You will discuss with management and be prepared.  Two refs to each party.

b. You will have the equipment assembled, paintballs in hopper, and chronographed prior to the group showing up.  You will have it on the party table outside the building ready for the group but not allow anyone to touch the equipment until you are there to disperse it.

c. You will go over safety rules with each participant as a group.  You will explain where parents may and may not go.

d.  You will be accountable for all the equipment checking out and checking back in.

9. You will be knowledgeable of the safety rules and will notify each participant of these rules.  You will do this by:

a. You will read the rules to each player or group so that they will understand each safety rule.  This is done to each group or player every day whether they have heard it before or not.

b. You will make sure that they respond to you that they understand each safety rule.

I have read and understand these rules and agree to follow all these rules and enforce them.  I will strive to make this field the safest field in the USA.  Everyone comes here with two eyes and they will leave with two working eyes.


To download a PDF version of this entire job description, click here.

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