Protecting your Property from Winter Weather

Protect your Property From Winter Weather

It’s that time of the year…time for freezing weather & winter storms. Freezing weather can cause pipes to burst & sprinkler systems to malfunction and snow and ice build ups on roof tops can lead to potential roof collapse. Do you know the steps you should be taking in order to save your property from these catastrophes? Places such as the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety & PHLY Risk Management Services have some great information on this topic. As an overview here are some of the basic steps that these two resources had to offer:

• Keep the heat on. Even if your building will be closed for the winter it is important to keep it heated to at least 55º.
• Make sure all cracks, or openings in the outside walls are sealed with caulk or insulation to prevent cold from coming in.
• When extreme cold is predicted let all faucets drip & leave sink cupboard doors open.
• Think about getting a generator so even if the electricity goes out you can continue to heat your building.
• Have sprinkler systems monitored by a central station to notify you in the case of a pipe failure.

• Keep your roof maintained
• Have roofs cleared of snow by a contractor. Contractor’s should not use shovels or snow blowers to clear of the roof. They should instead use a heavy duty push broom.

• Keep drains and gutters clear.
• Prune trees that are hanging over roofs.
• Increase insulation above ceilings.

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PHLY Risk Management Services.

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