Cheaper Mechanical Bulls can cost you more in the end

Galaxy Bulls recently wrote an article titled: “The Cheapest Mechanical Bull Is Not Always The Most Cost Effective Purchase“. While you may say that this article may be biased because of the fact that Galaxy is a manufacturer this article does ring true.

Galaxy noted the following reasons for why a cheaper Mechanical Bull will end up costing you more in the long run: Safety Risks, Insurance, Repair Costs, Brand Value and the longevity of your purchase.

Safety Risks
The reason a cheaper bull may cause a safety risk is because they are often made in countries such as China that do not have the regulations as we do here in the United States. Just think about it, when you buy something cheap it usually ends up falling apart. You don’t want your bull falling apart while someone is riding it!

So why would this cost you more money? Accidents cause you money. You may be sued for the injury and your insurance rate will most likely go up.

Take it from the experts, it is much harder to get insurance for a mechanical bull that is not name brand. Many of our carriers will not insure certain brands of bulls because of that fact that they view certain brands as more of a liability risk. It is best to call your insurance agent before you purchase your mechanical bull so that you can make sure you will be able to obtain insurance for your bull.

Repair Costs & Longevity
Of course, if your mechanical bull is constantly falling apart it is going to cost you a lot of money in repairs and will not last very long. This will mean that you will have to replace a cheaper bull sooner than a higher quality one.

Brand Value
If people are getting injured on your bull, or it is always breaking down you of course are going to lose out on customers and money.


Read Galaxy’s entire article here: to read about all the reasons that cheaper is not better. If you are in the market for a new bull give us a call at 864-688-0121 so that we can help you make sure that you are making a wise and safe investment.

Galaxy Multi Rides. “The Cheapest Mechanical Bull Is Not Always The Most Cost Effective Purchase”.

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