Beware of notices claiming that your domain name is up for renewal

Today our office received an official looking fax from a company calling themselves the “Domain Registry Bureau”. The fax told us that we had to contact them immediately because one of our domain names has become available for registration. They claim they if we do not respond to them about this our website domain name will be sold to a third party and we will lose all rights to it. If you go to the website of this “Domain Registry Bureau” you will find that they are actually a website selling domain names.

We checked our domain name with our provider and our domain name is not even up for renewal until March of next year. ICANN, which is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers issued a warning about these types of scams: If you receive anything like this be sure to report it to them.

If you are worried about potentially losing your website’s domain name you can always call the company you get your domain from directly and they will be able to let you know if you domain is actually up for renewal or not. Just make sure you are careful, scams are everywhere…they even fax you now!

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