Avoiding problems during freezing temperatures

Spring is almost here…but that doesn’t mean that the freezing temps are gone! The cold weather can cause damage to your property & injuries to yourself or pets. Paul Davis Restoration in Charleston SC has some important tips on avoiding problems during freezing temperatures. The first tip is to be careful when walking on any hard surfaces…just because you don’t see the ice doesn’t mean that it might not be there! Ice is sometimes invisible. Secondly, there are several things you can do to avoid property damage due to freezing pipes: turn off exterior faucets & disconnect water hoses, drip your faucets if the temperature is below freezing & open the doors under sink cabinets. Lastly, be sure to bring your pets inside if the temperature is too cold. Pets can be seriously injured or even die from frost bite and hypothermia.

Be careful during the cold temperature and just remember, spring is just around the corner!

References: Paul Davis Restoration Team. http://www.pauldavis.com/

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