UGA Bounce House Safety Class

Bounce House ClassAt the University of Georgia, college students are taking a new class that is centered on the safety of bounce houses. Professor John Knox, a atmospheric scientist is teaching students about weather related accidents with bounce houses using science. The point of the class is to teach students how to do science research, while at the same time showing them how they can use science to influence safety policies in real life. They are also learning about the different bounce house regulations in different states and are hoping that their research can help to create more strict bounce house regulations in states such as Georgia where there are no specific bounce house safety regulations. At the end of the course students will write safety proposals defining what they believe to be the safest operating conditions for inflatables. They will be co-authors on a research paper that is going to be printed in a scientific journal.

Even if your state does not have safety regulations on bounce house rentals, always be sure that you are using all the safety measures properly. Do not allow the bouncers to be used in high wind, make sure stakes are properly installed, have trained operators, follow manufacturer guidelines on the number & size of kids using the unit, and if you are dropping off a rental be sure that the customer is aware of all the safety rules of operating the inflatable device. It is great that these students are learning about science, while at the same time trying to make policies that will make bounce houses safer for everyone.

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