Safety Tips for Extreme Sports Participants

Skate Boarder

As with any sports there is always a risk for injury, with extreme sports the risk is slightly greater. There are precautions that you can take when participating in Extreme Sports, or any sports for that matter.

  • Always make sure that you are wearing the correct protective gear for your sport & that it is in good condition. For Paintball this would include a mask with full face and ear protection & googles. For sports such as motocross the correct helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves & wearing special motocross clothing can reduce the risk of injury,
  • Only do what you are capable of- For example if you are just starting off with BMX, Snowboarding etc. don’t start out trying to do big tricks. Start small and work your way up. You have to practice the basic moves before you can start doing tricks.
  • Don’t over exert yourself- be sure to take breaks & drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure that any equipment you are using for your extreme sport is in proper working order. For example Paintball Guns, BMX bikes, Airsoft Guns, Ropes and harnesses for Rock Climbing, etc.
  • Do not play in adverse weather. Rain can make conditions slippery & increase the risk of getting struck by lightening.

Have fun out there playing your extreme sports and remember to always follow these safety tips! We have insurance for your extreme sporting events and other sports.