Inflatable Slide set up in a Graveyard?


According to Fox News Carolina, a party set-up in a cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky has been causing outrage in the community & on social media. Besides the outrage because people believe they are disrespecting the dead, this is obviously a safety concern. Kids running around toppled grave stones & having an inflatable slide set-up right next to them is dangerous.

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Bounce House World Record Broken – 48 Straight Hours in a Bounce House


According to the “Southern” (The Student Voice of Florida Southern College). The Florida Southern College Fraternity Pi Kappa Phi broke the Guinness Book Record for the longest time spent jumping in a bounce house. The record did not involve the the same people jumping for the entire time. The group was allowed to take 1-hour shifts and break it up between different groups of the fraternity.  Continue reading “Bounce House World Record Broken – 48 Straight Hours in a Bounce House”

Inflatable Obstacle Course Safety for Indoor Center Operators

Inflatable Obstacle Course Safety Video that shows Indoor Inflatable Center Operators how to correctly supervise an inflatable Obstacle Course.Obstacle Course Inflatable Operator Safety

In this video Larry Cossio describes the proper way to supervise children using inflatable obstacle courses. The key points to get from the video are:

  • Follow the instructions for the maximum amount of players at one time. In a two lane obstacle course if you have more than two people there is the chance that one of the kids could fall back on top of another child while climbing the obstacle course.
  • Operator should position himself in the front of the unit blocking the entrance so they can make sure only 2 children get on at a time
  • No more than two children coming down the slide at one time
  • Ref should give hand signals to help instruct the children safely off the unit

Kiddie / Toddler Bounce House Safety – Indoor Inflatable Operator Safety

Safety Video that shows Indoor Inflatable Center Operators how to correctly supervise an Inflatable Kiddie / Toddler Bounce House.Kiddie Bouncer Inflatable Operator Safety

In this video Larry Cossio describes the proper way to supervise children using kiddie/toddler bounce houses. The key points to get from the video are:

  • Control the size & approximate age.
  • Supervise/help the kids while getting on the unit to make sure they don’t fall back while getting on.
  • Pads need to be secured right up against the inflatable & placed where the children enter and exit.
  • Supervise the children while in the unit.
  • Make sure they get safely off any slides.

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How to write a business plan that will improve your chances of success

If you are a new indoor inflatable business we will ask you for a business plan along with your insurance application. Not only do we need this to submit with your insurance application, it is important for the success of your business to have a plan. So…what exactly is a business plan? A business plan is a summary of the plans you have for your business. Not just for the short term but for the long term as well. Some examples are: plans to add new equipment, expanding the business to multiple locations, how many customers you hope to have 4 years from now, etc. The business plan is whatever you want for your business in the future and an explanation of how you plan to achieve those goals for the future.

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Inflatable Slide Safety – Indoor Inflatable Operator Safety

Safety Video that shows Indoor Inflatable Center Operators how to correctly supervise an Inflatable Slide.Inflatable Slide Operator Safety

This video demonstrates the proper way for operators to supervise children on an inflatable slide. The key points to get from the video are:

  • Operator should position himself in a spot where children can sneak around him to get on the slide.
  • Do not allow more than one person to climb up at a time. If they fall backwards they will hurt the person behind them.
  • Make sure children are in a seated position when coming down the slide.
  • Children should get off the slide in a seated position feet first
  • Never allow parents to come down the slide with children on their laps. If the child is too young to go up the slide themselves they are too young to be on the inflatable slide.
  • Do not allow more than one child to slide down the slide at once.

Bounce Houses: Controlling the Exits & Entrances – Indoor Inflatable Operator Safety

Safety Video that shows Indoor Inflatable Center Operators how to correctly supervise the exits & entrances of a bounce house.Inflatable Operator Safety – Controlling the Exits & Entrances

This video demonstrates the proper way for operators to control children getting on and off of an inflatable bounce house. The key points to get from the video are:

  • Make sure children do not enter the exits
  • Check the height restrictions on the unit and be sure children are the correct size
  • Make the children enter the bounce house in an orderly fashion without pushing each other.
  • Watch the children while they are playing in the inflatable to make sure they are not doing unsafe activities such as flips.
  • Watch children getting out of the inflatable or off of slides. Be sure they are coming out feet first.
  • Be sure that mats are secured properly at the entrances & exits of the inflatable.

Customer Testimonials


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“I have been dealing with Sonia Foster, she has been a amazing representative of your company. I am completely new to this industry and she has made the entire process helpful and painless. Thank you so much for getting all legal.” MBT’s Amusements, Stages & Rentals LLC

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“Customer service with Cossio has been exceptional. You were able to help us when we couldn’t secure coverage elsewhere. We are a non-profit organization and do appreciate the extra efforts by Sonia Foster.” Gator Clowns of Jacksonville Inc

“Shay Grant was wonderful to work with. So many little steps to getting my application complete. She was very helpful throughout the process. She was having a little trouble with her email and she worked around it like a champ. I called her about 15 times during the process and she was very pleasant each and every time…It made me very confident working with your company. Great people make great companies.” Texas Jumps, Inc

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“On my 3rd year with you all and have been happy the whole time! Your customer service staff that I have dealt with is always kind and helpful to me.” Big Al’s Party World, Inc.

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“I cannot say enough great things about my experience. I have to say I was a bit surprised and a little concerned after receiving a letter stating that the company I was currently insured with was not insuring inflatables anymore, but then you contacted Cossio and it has been a great, simple and easy transition. Sonia was extremely helpful in always answering any questions or concerns I may have had and ALWAYS responded very quickly to any email I sent or phone message I left. It gets even better, I was having trouble faxing my application to her and she said “try it again and if it doesn’t go through just fax it directly to my direct line.” If that’s not someone going way above and beyond and genuinely concerned about my company and my piece of mind I don’t know what is. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with Cossio Insurance and would highly recommend them to others in the business. Even if you have insurance, give them a call.” Funinflatables Corp.  Continue reading “Customer Testimonials”

The U.S. CPSC has updated their inflatable safety recommendations!


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has updated the amusement ride safety bulletin concerning inflatables. The CPSC states in the bulletin that they have been monitoring inflatable amusement devices and incidents since 2001. The findings that there were an estimated 113,272 ER visits from injuries due to inflatable devices between 2003 to 2013, which averages to 16,903 per year. Because of the high number of incidents the CPSC has put out a bulletin with inspection procedures and guide-lines for safe set-up and operation of inflatables.

Some of the recommendations include of course, following manufacturer instructions for safety and set-up, be sure that the inflatable is properly anchored, insure proper supervision & do not exceed the manufacturer’s directions for number of participants on the inflatable at one time. Even if the inflatable amusement device is properly anchored the device still needs to be taken down when the wind speeds are over 25mph, but the manufacturer wind speed must always be followed if it the dangerous wind speed is lower.

Please take the time to review & share this important safety information from the Consumer Safety Product Commission. READ THE BULLETIN