Why many property owners don’t have flood insurance

Flooding in Columbia, SC

There are a few reasons why you as a property owner may not have flood insurance. You may not realize that flood damage is not included in your homeowners or property insurance…or you may think that you do not live in an area that could get damaged by flood waters.

About an hour and a half from us in Columbia, SC they received what the news has said is about 6 months of rainwater in just 2 days. Columbia is not on the coast, it does not often see a lot of rain, so you would think that you would not need flood insurance. This past weekend showed that just because flooding may not occur often in your area does not mean that it cannot happen. In the area of our office in Simpsonville, SC we were also forecasted to get 10 – 18 inches of rain on already rain soaked grounds. Luckily for us the system broke up before it got this far west and we got away with only 5 inches of rain & minor damage from fallen trees.

Could your property recover financially from damage shown in the picture above? We over flood insurance for both homes & businesses. Give us a call at 864-688-0121.

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