Bounce House Safety for Children & Parents

We have created a cartoon for children to teach them the activities that can get them possibly  hurt while playing in a bouncer such as lying down or climbing up the slide instead of going down. The Clumsy Kanga Video is a great tool for Indoor Inflatable Centers, Party Rental companies & parents to show children how to lower their risk of injury while still having fun. The Kids Safety Network recently put out an article featuring our Clumsy Kanga Safety video & other tips for parents to make sure their kids are safe inside of inflatables.

The Kids Safety Network has a lot of great safety tips for parents in all different categories. It also has a list of all the latest product recalls on children’s products. It is a very nice website with a lot of great information. Go ahead and check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

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  1. This video is a great tool for any bounce house rentals company to share for educational purposes!

    All good companies should also inspect the bounce houses after each use. Cleaning the houses are also key to ensuring a sanitary environment. Also, always make sure that the company is insured just in case an accident does happen.

    Follow these tips and you’ll have a great experience!

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