Month: December 2015

Skiing & Snowboarding Safety


It’s winter time again! (If winter ever decides to visit us in certain parts of the country.) January is National Safety Month for the National Ski Areas Association. The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) reports that an average of 39 people per year a killed in the US as a result of a skiing or snowboarding accident. Around 50 people per year have life threatening injuries such as broken necks/backs, head injuries & paralysis.

Property Casualty 360 has published an article with a list of safety tips for all you skiers & snowboarders out there. They have a list of safety tips that every skier/snowboarder should follow. The article goes over each safety item in depth, here is a brief overview of the safety items they go over: Continue reading Skiing & Snowboarding Safety

Peripheral training may help to prevent sports concussion injuries

A recent article in the “” newspaper shares a new study that has been researched by the University of Cincinnati that may very well be a key to lessening concussion injuries in sports. Concussions in sports have been a big topic lately with the Will Smith movie “Concussion” that premiered on Christmas day.

For the past 5 years Dr. Joseph Clark has been with the Cincinnati Sports Medicine division training athletes to widen their peripheral vision. Dr. Clark claims that widening the peripheral vision by just a few degrees can give the player a second or two so that they can avoid an incoming hit.

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“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”, Most Dangerous Toys of 2015


Did you get your child any of these “dangerous” toys for Christmas? Property Casualty 360 reported a list from HealthGrove of the 22 toys that have caused the most injuries in 2015. Some of the results are quite unexpected, and no a Red Ryder BB gun is not on the list (although toy guns are).

Here is their list beginning with the least dangerous to the most dangerous toy of them all!

22. Stilts : Can’t say that I thought of buying these for my child…but they suprising have the smallest amount of injuries out of the top 22, with 139 injuries per year. Could this be because stilts on the hot toy list for Christmas? Continue reading “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”, Most Dangerous Toys of 2015

Preventing Abuse/Molestation in Youth Sports

Unfortunately Abuse & Molestation is a very common problem not just in the world of youth sports, but in any situation where children are left in the care of an adult. Church groups, day care centers, youth sports, family fun centers, schools…it seems that no place is immune to this type of risk these days. According the US Department of Justice National Sex Offender Website an estimated 60% of abusers are known to the child but not the family. For example coaches, child care providers & neighbors. 23% of reported cases were perpetrated by individuals under the age of 18. Statistics report that every 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse.

So what can we do to prevent it?

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Cheerleading injuries are less common…but more severe


An article by CBS news states that a study published in “The Journal of Pediatrics“, found that cheerleading injuries rank 18 out of 22 high school sports. This means that cheerleading has one of the lowest injury rates. However, the study found that the severity of cheerleading injuries were second only to gymnastics. Concussion was the most common injury, following sprains, muscle strains and fractures.

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