Indiana looks to stronger concussion protocols in Sports

The state of Indiana’s House Education Committee is having a hearing on a bill that will expand concession protocols to more student athletes. According to the Herald Bulletin, The Indiana Senate approved the bill with a 41-9 vote but it has to go to the House meeting before it can be passed.

The concussion bill will require coaches to become certified in a player safety education course & they will have to renew that certificate every two years. The bill would also extend the concussion protocol to all sports from 5th to 12th grade. Currently, the state only has a protocol for Football players in grades 8th to 12th.

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Facebook’s Gun Sale Ban Includes Paintball & Airsoft Guns

At the end of January Facebook announced that Facebook and Instagram users will no longer to use the social media networks to privately sell, buy or trade firearms, gun parts or ammunition. According to Facebook’s Community Standards this also includes: BB Guns, Airsoft Guns, Paintball Markers, Air Guns, Replicas & Non-functioning firearms.

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