Family gets $11.5 Million in trampoline park lawsuit


According to CBS news a Texas teenager that was injured at a trampoline park franchise called Cosmic Jump has been granted $11.5 million in damages. This is the largest lawsuit ever against a trampoline park. The teenager was sliding down a trampoline slide and when he got to the bottom a tear in the trampoline opened further causing him to fall through. He fell five feet and hit his head on the concrete floor below the trampoline.

trampoline3n-2-webThe teenager suffered a traumatic injury of a fractured skull and bleeding around the brain. Since the accident he has had to receive physical and speech therapy. $5.5 million was given for damages & the other $6 million was given as a fine to make sure the trampoline park does not allow preventable accidents like this to happen in the future. Lawyers alleged that employees of the trampoline park knew about the tear in the trampoline but did not stop participants from jumping in that area or do anything to fix it.

It is very important that trampoline parks & other types of amusement centers are inspected daily & that your employees are trained on what they should do if they find any problems with any of the equipment. This accident could have easily been prevented if the park had been properly inspected before opening for the day. Rips or tears in any kind of device whether trampolines or inflatables are just an accident waiting to happen & need to be fixed immediately. And of course, be sure to have insurance for your trampoline park.


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