“Captain Bubble” to attempt Bermuda journey in homemade water ball

(Joe Cavaretta / Sun Sentinel)

Reza Baluchi nicknamed “Captain Bubble” plans on making a second attempt to roll his inflatable bubble from Pompano Beach Florida all the way to Bermuda in the ocean. His water ball is a homemade inflatable bubble encased in attached tracks, which he calls his “Hydro Pod”. His first attempt to make the 1,033 mile trip in 2014 ended in him having to be rescued by the US Coast Guard. Despite his previous failure he has made plans to try again.

The trip to Bermuda in the water ball is expected to take about 45 days & the temperature inside of the bubble can reach 130 degrees. Captain Bubble’s survival plan includes a water filter to make salt water drinkable, protein bars, catching fish (eating them raw?), cooling off in the ocean with a leash attached to his bubble & sleeping an a hammock inside of the bubble. His plan has hit a snag however, as the Coast Guard demanded that Captain Bubble have a vessel accompany him for self-rescue before he leaves. The first time he was rescued 70 miles off the coast of Florida it cost the Coast Guard over $140,000.

UPDATE: April 29th, 2016. Captain Bubble was again rescued by the Coast Guard after beginning his second journey to Bermuda in his bubble. Just three days after he started his journey the Coast Guard came and towed him back to shore. He was picked up 70 nautical miles off of the coast of Florida.

(Joe Cavaretta / Sun Sentinel)
(Joe Cavaretta / Sun Sentinel)


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