Watercraft Critters – What is covered?

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While they might look cute & furry, animals can cause major damage to your watercraft. One of carriers Safeco recently put out an infographic giving real life claim examples of boat damage by animals. This illustrations can you give you a great idea of what would be covered in the event of animal damage on your watercraft.

Loss of a watercraft due to direct damage by rodents, insects, marine life & other types of animals is not covered. However, if animal damage causes consequential (or indirect) loss you could be covered. One example Safeco gave was muskrats that had chewed the bellows of a boat. The holes allowed water to get into the boat and the boat sank. Now, because the boat sank as a result of the muskrats chewing holes in the bellows this would be an indirect consequence. The cost to repair the boat was covered. The rubber bellows were not covered because the were directly damaged by the muskrats.

Another example that they gave was mud wasps building nests in the boat’s motor and exhaust. This caused the motor to overheat when the engine was started. The engine repair was covered because the wasps did not directly damage the motor, the mud did. The blower unit was directly damaged by the wasps, so that was not covered.

Some steps you can take to prevent animals from taking over your vessel include:

  • Be sure to keep any food either stored inside of jars or just keep it off the boat when you are not on it. Also be sure to clean up any garbage.
  • Keep your boat clean & free of clutter. You don’t want to make inviting little homes & hiding spots for the animals!
  • Periodically check your boat to make sure that animals have not taken up residence.

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