Inflatable Slide Collapses During Arcade Festival

Inflatable Slide Topples

According to various news sources an inflatable slide collapsed at a convention center in Pennsylvania, injuring several people. The slide was one of a few bouncers set-up at a large Arcade and Video Game Festival hosted by Replay FX. The units were rented from an unnamed rental company. A witness says that she saw 4 older girls heading up the slide plus two staff that were at the top of the slide. When the girls got about half-way up the slide she said it just toppled over. She also stated that she didn’t think that the slide looked very stable.

The director of the event made the company pick up the unit and asked for something safer. The slide apparently toppled over because of deflation. The director said that the slide was inspected by the state. Of course, just because a unit has been inspected does not mean that it has been set-up properly or is being properly supervised. If there were 4 girls (of any age, but older makes it worse) climbing up the slide at the same time that would be a serious safety risk. Not only was there too much weight put on the slide, but if the girl at the top slipped the girls behind would tumble down like dominoes. It is also unclear if the slide was properly anchored down, properly inflated or had been checked for rips or tears prior to set-up. Moral of the story: train your staff, make sure they are responsible & be sure that self-inspections are done EVERY TIME your devices are set-up.

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Party Rental Bouncer Stolen From Yard


Over the 4th of July weekend an Illinois family woke up in the morning to find that they bounce house they had rented was nowhere to be found. The family had finished up the party around 4AM & went inside to get some sleep. When they awoke in the morning about 9AM the bouncy house was gone. The rental company Morris and Company Entertainment estimated that the bounce house weighed between 250 to 300 pounds. For this reason the police believe that there were multiple people involved in the theft.

While the rental company commented this is the first time this has ever happened in their 30 years of business, this is a perfect example of why your party rental business needs to have Inland Marine Property Insurance. Though it may be rare, these expensive party equipment rentals attract thieves looking to make some quick cash. The unit was worth about $2,500. The rental company is offering a reward for anyone who finds the inflatable.

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Largest Escape Room Opens in Hollywood


An Escape HOTEL just opened up in Hollywood. The hotel hosts 10 games at one time, making it the largest Escape Room Game in the United States. The new hotel makes the game an experience right from the start. While most Escape Rooms have the players sit in a room while they sign waivers & go over the rules, the new hotel checks in the guests just like an actual hotel. All of the employees stay in character at all times & are dressed up in fancy suits.

The Escape Hotel has games such as daycare, witchcraft, zombies, agent, mafia. While an escape room named daycare might not sound very exciting, it actually looks pretty creepy. Daycare Game Hotel Hollywood It will soon be opening a pirate, circus, slaughter, heist & kidnapping room. With more & more Escape Room Games popping up all over the country it is becoming increasingly important to make sure your escape room is unique. What will you do to make your Escape Room Games stand out above the rest?


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Be Careful About Your Waiver Wording

Dodge Ball Trampoline Park

A news station in New Jersey reports that a family will be able to proceed with their lawsuit against a trampoline park regardless of wording in the waiver that states that the participant is signing over the right to bring the trampoline park to trial.  The wording of the waiver stated that the dispute would have to go through arbitration rather than through the courts. On July 13th, 2016 the court ruled that this was not enforceable because it did not make it clear that the signee was signing over their right to sue. The agreement also did not explain how arbitration differs from a trial in court.

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