Marbles Suspected in Paintball Tournament Injuries

Participants at the 2017 Tippmann Challenge at Commando Paintball in Navan. – Sheldon Carless Photography/Used with permission from Commando Paintball – Posted by Ottawa Community News

The Tippmann Challenge D-Day 2017 took place on June 11th at Commando Paintball in Ottawa, Canada. Paintball players flock from all over to take part in this fun and friendly event. Unfortunately an individual at the event did not have friendly intentions.

Two players received injuries that did not appear to come from a paintball. On inspection marbles were found on the ground in the playing area. Commando Paintball commented that they did not know that it was even possible to shoot a marble out of a paintball gun. However when they checked to see if it was in fact possible, they found that it does work, they just do not shoot as far as a regular paintball.

As soon as the owners found out about the marbles the tournament was ended to prevent any further injuries. Although everyone was searched, the person responsible for shooting the marbles was not identified. In a statement the next day Commando Paintball offered a $1,500 reward for anyone that can provide information to identify the person responsible for the marbles. They also added “Make no mistake, when you use a paintball marker as a weapon with the intent to harm, it is considered a weapon and you will be charged criminally! In addition, it makes you an absolute horrible person with no regards for player safety or the extreme amount of work that goes into an event of this size. Going forward, we will be taking extra precautions before and during the game to avoid reoccurrence of such event. We will also have a police presence onsite.”


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