Multiple lawsuits from one mechanical bull

On Superbowl Sunday of 2014 Leonard Barstein received injuries while riding a mechanical bull at “Johnny Utah’s” a popular bar in NYC. Leonard claimed that the mechanical bull operator cranked up the speed before he had the chance to grab on to the straps. He said that this caused him to be violently thrown off the bull. He broke his ankle and had to have a metal plate inserted. The lawsuit claimed the bar was negligent because “it failed to ‘place signs, barricades warnings and/or other deceives to appraise persons of the danger’ and because it did not have ‘proper safeguards and padding to break falls’” The bar settled for $81,000 rather than go to trial.

This is the first time that Johnny Utah’s has paid almost $200,000 in settlement money to other patrons over injuries from the mechanical bull. At least six other lawsuits have been filed within a 9 year period. Many injuries seem to have resulted from the bull operator starting the ride before the person was ready or even turning it back on when they were trying to get off. The bar says that the bull is operated by a trained employee & has a padded landing area. The fact that alcohol is involved does not help with these injury claims.



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