Knife Accident in Inflatable Slide

The Knife found on the slide

According to news outlets in Ohio, on Monday September 11th, 3 children were injured by a knife while sliding down an inflatable slide inside of an indoor inflatable center. The children were cut by the blade as they were sliding down. The knife had somehow gotten stuck in the seam on the side of the inflatable slide.

One child had a serious injury on his hand and the two other children had minor injuries from the incident.  WARNING: POTENTIALLY GRAPHIC IMAGE OF THE INJURY BELOW 

Injury to one child’s hand

According to the play center’s website adults are not allowed to play on the inflatables. The police are still investigating whether the knife was dropped by an adult or child, but they do not believe the knife was placed there intentionally. Still, the accident has left many parents scared to have their kids play at the center and some parents are questioning if play areas should start having metal detectors.

One person that was interviewed commented that this could happen to anyone & business owners should be taking measures to prevent things like this from happening.  One way a business could do this is to give a clear message that NO sharp or hard objects are allowed on the inflatables. That would include safety pins, pens, anything that could be sharp or pierce the inflatable. The owner’s of the indoor center are looking into making some policy changes in the future and they have already started a policy that does not allow the public to play on the equipment while their is a private birthday party going on.






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