Forget Darts, Axe Throwing is the New Trend

Axe Throwing isn’t just for vikings & lumber jacks anymore. Axe Throwing venues have been popping up all over the US and Canada these past two years. There is even a World Axe Throwing League and National Axe Throwing Federation for axe throwing as a competitive sport. While Axe throwing has been around, well, since the vikings…competitive axe throwing recently started in Canada around 10 years ago. As popularity continued to spread, it came across the border and started growing in the U.S.

Indoor venues consist of several lanes with heavy chain link fencing separating the lanes. Players stand on a throwing line and aim their axes at a target on the other end of the lane. Even though having axes flying through the air sounds extremely dangerous, axe throwing has a surprisingly clean accident record. With proper safety rules & precautions this activity is actually pretty safe, aside from the occasional splinter. Thinking about opening up your own axe throwing venue? You’re going to need insurance! Check out our axe throwing insurance program. The NATF has some really great resources on Safety & Axe Throwing Terminology.

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