Tis’ the season for inflatable vadalism


Tis’ the season for inflatable vandalism…or so it seems. Yesterday alone there were at least five news articles from across the country of inflatable Christmas displays that were vandalized or stolen. Whether you rent Christmas themed bounce houses, or have Christmas inflatables outside your business/home this is something you definitely need to be on the lookout for.

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Canadian man sues over Mechanical Bull Finger Injury

According to an article by a Canadian newspaper The Citizen 100  a British Columbia man is suing two different businesses over a “avulsion” finger injury he claims to have received while riding a mechanical bull an event by L.A. Promotions and Tent Rentals at its Family Fun Centre. Both the event promoter & the property owner are being sued. The man is suing for “past and future loss of income and future earning capacity among other types of damage.” (The Citizen 100)

There are two things to get out of this story. The first is something that we always tell are event planners & special event promoters. When someone is injured at an event they will often times not only sue the owner of the device they were hurt on, but also event planners, the venue, rental companies, manufacturers of devices & any one else they can find potentially responsible. This is why it is important to have liability insurance…can you afford to pay for legal costs to defend your business & the possible damages you may have to pay out?

The second thing that we would like to mention is that this type of finger injury IS possible on a mechanical bull. We have actually had a claim come in where the participants finger was actually pulled off because he had his finger looped in the rope when he was bucked off of the bull. The claim was closed with $50,799 paid out. Does that sound like something you can afford?

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Wedding Insurance Claims

Wedding Insurance Claims Photo

Ever wonder what reason a person might have to need insurance for their wedding? Well there are various reason such as the wedding being cancelled, entertainment cancelled, outfits ruined, ruined photographs/videos and weather related damages to venue. In fact many wedding venues require that the bride and groom purchase general liability insurance in order to hold their weddings in that particular space. So, what causes wedding insurance claims? Just recently Property Casualty 360 wrote an article on the “Top 8 Wedding Insurance Claims of 2012”. http://www.propertycasualty360.com/2013/03/26/top-8-wedding-insurance-claims-of-2012?t=es-specialty. There are some very interesting claims on the list, many that are often times not thought of such as theft of the decorations or wedding gifts.

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All I need is a certificate of insurance…

All I need is a Certificate of Insurance

Event producers have been saying this for years now, purchasing insurance because someone required them to show proof of insurance for an event.  Well let’s take a look at the exposures that an Event Producer might have.

First, the producer is a business broker of sorts.  You are contacted to provide some sort of entertainment for a corporate event.  The client will rely on your professional knowledge to find the correct fit and to handle all the details to get that entertainment to the event.  You charge a fee for doing this.  You will handle everything from the contract, booking flights and transportation, hotel, staging, lights, props, etc.  You are paid the contract amount, and then you pay the entertainment and sub contractors from the proceeds.  Your income is what is left. Continue reading “All I need is a certificate of insurance…”