Paintball Eye Injuries & the Importance of Protection

Many sports pose the risk of eye injuries; some have a higher ris­­­k than others. According to “The National Eye Institute”, baseball is considered a high risk for eye injury and has the leading number of sports-related eye injuries. Although sports such as baseball & basketball have the highest risk, a recent study has found that Paintball actually poses the greatest risk of vision loss associated with the injury.

The reason that Paintball/Airsoft has the highest risk of vision loss is because, while large balls such as baseballs may fracture bones, smaller balls (like a paintballs) can injure or rupture the eyeball itself. So what can be done to lower the amount vision loss injuries in Paintball? Eye Protection…our insurance program requires full face & ear protection for Paintball and Airsoft. So why full face & ear when we are talking about eye injuries hear? Ear injuries are actually said to be the next common type of Paintball injury after eyes. Ear injuries can result in hearing loss, concussion or even a ruptured ear drum. This is true for Airsoft as well, ever had a BB in the ear? Not pleasant. Bottom line is, injuries from any sport can be potentially serious. Be sure to use the recommended safety equipment every time.

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Facebook’s Gun Sale Ban Includes Paintball & Airsoft Guns

At the end of January Facebook announced that Facebook and Instagram users will no longer to use the social media networks to privately sell, buy or trade firearms, gun parts or ammunition. According to Facebook’s Community Standards this also includes: BB Guns, Airsoft Guns, Paintball Markers, Air Guns, Replicas & Non-functioning firearms.

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Is your Paintball Field Covered for First Strike Rounds?

first-strikeTo all our field owners, we are sending out an email blast but in case you miss it:

Recently an issue came up regarding First Strike Rounds. So for clarity we are issuing this statement to clarify. FSR’s are not covered in our insurance programs, and never have been. It might be in the future but not today.

Bottom line is this is not anything new, FSR hasn’t been allowed since inception in any insurance program that I have represented, the manufacturer has NOT gone thru the steps to get the definition included in the ASTM guidelines; it would cost them $75 to join. They would spend a lot of time, unpaid as members are volunteers, spend their money to have the goggles tested to ASTM standards when passed, pay to have the various netting manufacturers products tested to ASTM standards to see if it passes, get the goggle manufacturers to include them in their documentation as approved projectiles.

So issues are: Continue reading “Is your Paintball Field Covered for First Strike Rounds?”

Paintball & Airsoft Zombie Shoot Coverage

Zombie walking

If you are planning a zombie shoot hayride or haunted trail at your field it will not be covered under your standard Paintball or Airsoft insurance policy. You will need to have a supplemental policy in order to be covered for these activities in order to be covered.

Some requirements for the Zombie Shoot coverage include: guns must be mounted at 45 degrees max, there must be liability on the vehicle that is pulling the trailer (if it is a hayride), paths must be well lit, two way radios must be used.

Fill out the Zombie Shoot Supplement Application or give us a call at 864-688-0121 if you are unsure if your zombie event is covered.


Paintball Referee Job Description (Part II)

This paintball referee job description article is designed to share some important concepts for a referee for a paintball field.  Since safety is the main concern we stress that these concepts are followed.  These simple points will help you to run a safer and more profitable paintball business. This is part two of a two part series.  If you missed part I, you can read it here.

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Why Paintball Referees are your most important asset!

Think about it, who interacts with your customers more than your paintball referees?  Do you want someone that smiles and helps your customers or someone that is just there using oxygen?

We hired our referees with these qualities:

  1. Must smile during interview (if they are serious and are scared do not put them on a paintball field).
  2. Must have an ability to communicate effectively (someone that is soft spoken will not command attention of your players).
  3. Must want to be around people (in other words, someone that is a techy computer person might not be the best candidate). Continue reading “Why Paintball Referees are your most important asset!”

Secrets to a better Paintball Field!

Secrets to a better Paintball Field!
Secrets to a better Paintball Field!

Okay, so you have hopefully made it through the first half of the year and are wondering what direction the paintball industry is going. From talking with field owners and store owners there are mixed emotions out there. The store owners are hit the hardest as nobody is buying very much new equipment. The field owners are mostly saying that business is up, more returning players and new players. I have the best secrets for you and suggest you at least check it out. Here are 4 to start. Continue reading “Secrets to a better Paintball Field!”

Improve Your Paintball Business!

Improve Your Paintball Business
Improve Your Paintball Business

Most of the fields had an increase in business, most of the stores were flat with no growth. The economy has caused some of you to start marketing and selling your services again. In speaking with field owner’s they are telling me that they are contacting the players in their database and offering discounts to entice them to come back and play again.

Oh, you do not have a database??? Use your waivers to get the information of your customers and put them into a database where you can collect their email addresses so you can do email blasts to stay in contact with them. You should be sending them something once a month to keep your field name in front of them. Offering your field for birthday parties, corporate outings such as team building, church groups for youth ministries, charity fund raisers will create a buzz about your paintball field and keep them coming back. Continue reading “Improve Your Paintball Business!”

Ways to increase sales at your paintball field!

increase sales at your paintball field
Increase sales at your paintball field

The insurance policy from Cossio Insurance Agency has never had an age limit since 1997. WHAT??? That’s right, managed correctly you could increase your bottom line and increase the exposure to paintball for young kids and do it safely. We never had an injury at our fields, never had a child lift their mask. They are easier to manage than adults!

You will notice that paintball birthday parties for 10 year olds always seem to have a younger brother or sister that wants to join the party. I had my boys playing at 5 and 7 years old. No problem, you will need some extra guidelines for training purposes and how to run the games. Continue reading “Ways to increase sales at your paintball field!”