Secrets to a better Paintball Field!

Secrets to a better Paintball Field!
Secrets to a better Paintball Field!

Okay, so you have hopefully made it through the first half of the year and are wondering what direction the paintball industry is going. From talking with field owners and store owners there are mixed emotions out there. The store owners are hit the hardest as nobody is buying very much new equipment. The field owners are mostly saying that business is up, more returning players and new players. I have the best secrets for you and suggest you at least check it out. Here are 4 to start. Continue reading “Secrets to a better Paintball Field!”

Ways to increase sales at your paintball field!

increase sales at your paintball field
Increase sales at your paintball field

The insurance policy from Cossio Insurance Agency has never had an age limit since 1997. WHAT??? That’s right, managed correctly you could increase your bottom line and increase the exposure to paintball for young kids and do it safely. We never had an injury at our fields, never had a child lift their mask. They are easier to manage than adults!

You will notice that paintball birthday parties for 10 year olds always seem to have a younger brother or sister that wants to join the party. I had my boys playing at 5 and 7 years old. No problem, you will need some extra guidelines for training purposes and how to run the games. Continue reading “Ways to increase sales at your paintball field!”

Whatever you do, never stop marketing!

In today’s economy, it is more important to market then ever before.  In order to keep your prospects or customers thinking about your business you need to have your business name in front of them.  So let’s go over a few business reminders.

Make sure that you have all of your customers in a database.

Hopefully your sales information has collected their name, address, and email address, and date of birth.  If you are not collecting all this information you need to fix it today!  Use this database to select the information you need to start your marketing campaign.  You can use a database like Microsoft Access, or even Microsoft Excel to achieve this process.  If you do not have this data in a database you need to hire someone, a high school student who types 55+ words per minute to accomplish this.  There are several of these students looking for part time jobs. Continue reading “Whatever you do, never stop marketing!”