Hurricane Preparedness

hurricane-matthew-news1The Southern East Coast is bracing for Hurricane Matthew, which is predicted to be the strongest hurricane to hit the US Coast line in over a decade. The Governor of South Carolina declared for a state of emergency & possible evacuations as Matthew inches closer. Do you know what to do in the event of a strong hurricane hitting where you live or do business?

The National Weather Service has many resources to help you prepare for a hurricane. The first thing the NWS suggests is to know if your area has an evacuation center & know where it is before the storm hits. You should also have a list of everything you will need if you need to evacuate. This is not the time to take all your belongings with you, you must plan to take only the essentials. Including clean clothes, cash, credit cards, bottled water, and a basic first aid supply kit.

Keep an eye on weather forecasts, hurricanes can be very unpredictable. Also make sure that your homeowners & business insurance provides for hurricane & flood damage…this is not something you want to find out after the fact.

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Heat Dangers in a Bounce House? – Heat Index Chart Included

We have all heard the stories of children & pets left in hot cars, but most of us have never really thought about the possible dangers inside of a bouncer on a hot day. A study on the impact of temperature on bounce houses was just published last Thursday in the “Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society”. The study called “Do Inflatable Bounce Houses Pose Heat-related Hazards to Children” was performed last summer by the University of Georgia. The University conducted experiments on wind speeds & temperature among other factors. The researchers found that the temperature inside of a bouncer adds 4-7 degrees to the outside temperatures. Continue reading “Heat Dangers in a Bounce House? – Heat Index Chart Included”

Escape Room Safety & Making the Most Out of Your Game

Before the Escape Room

I went to my first Escape Room this weekend, “The Zombie Apocalypse”. The experience was great! But their were some things that the creators may not have thought of in terms of safety. I would like to share some of my experience so that other Escape Room’s can think about these things when setting up their game.

1. When we first went in the room we in the pitch dark with a very small dim flashlight. It made for a very creepy experience. Then the screen says: “You don’t have to do this in the dark”…okay, so I start going all the room looking for a switch and the next thing you know I am tripping over an IV pole. A few seconds later my daughter did the same thing. Phew, finally got the light on, much better! Continue reading “Escape Room Safety & Making the Most Out of Your Game”

Family gets $11.5 Million in trampoline park lawsuit


According to CBS news a Texas teenager that was injured at a trampoline park franchise called Cosmic Jump has been granted $11.5 million in damages. This is the largest lawsuit ever against a trampoline park. The teenager was sliding down a trampoline slide and when he got to the bottom a tear in the trampoline opened further causing him to fall through. He fell five feet and hit his head on the concrete floor below the trampoline.

Continue reading “Family gets $11.5 Million in trampoline park lawsuit”

Skiing & Snowboarding Safety


It’s winter time again! (If winter ever decides to visit us in certain parts of the country.) January is National Safety Month for the National Ski Areas Association. The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) reports that an average of 39 people per year a killed in the US as a result of a skiing or snowboarding accident. Around 50 people per year have life threatening injuries such as broken necks/backs, head injuries & paralysis.

Property Casualty 360 has published an article with a list of safety tips for all you skiers & snowboarders out there. They have a list of safety tips that every skier/snowboarder should follow. The article goes over each safety item in depth, here is a brief overview of the safety items they go over: Continue reading “Skiing & Snowboarding Safety”

Preventing Abuse/Molestation in Youth Sports

Unfortunately Abuse & Molestation is a very common problem not just in the world of youth sports, but in any situation where children are left in the care of an adult. Church groups, day care centers, youth sports, family fun centers, schools…it seems that no place is immune to this type of risk these days. According the US Department of Justice National Sex Offender Website an estimated 60% of abusers are known to the child but not the family. For example coaches, child care providers & neighbors. 23% of reported cases were perpetrated by individuals under the age of 18. Statistics report that every 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse.

So what can we do to prevent it?

Continue reading “Preventing Abuse/Molestation in Youth Sports”

Canadian man sues over Mechanical Bull Finger Injury

According to an article by a Canadian newspaper The Citizen 100  a British Columbia man is suing two different businesses over a “avulsion” finger injury he claims to have received while riding a mechanical bull an event by L.A. Promotions and Tent Rentals at its Family Fun Centre. Both the event promoter & the property owner are being sued. The man is suing for “past and future loss of income and future earning capacity among other types of damage.” (The Citizen 100)

There are two things to get out of this story. The first is something that we always tell are event planners & special event promoters. When someone is injured at an event they will often times not only sue the owner of the device they were hurt on, but also event planners, the venue, rental companies, manufacturers of devices & any one else they can find potentially responsible. This is why it is important to have liability insurance…can you afford to pay for legal costs to defend your business & the possible damages you may have to pay out?

The second thing that we would like to mention is that this type of finger injury IS possible on a mechanical bull. We have actually had a claim come in where the participants finger was actually pulled off because he had his finger looped in the rope when he was bucked off of the bull. The claim was closed with $50,799 paid out. Does that sound like something you can afford?

News Source:

Safety Tips for Extreme Sports Participants

Skate Boarder

As with any sports there is always a risk for injury, with extreme sports the risk is slightly greater. There are precautions that you can take when participating in Extreme Sports, or any sports for that matter.

  • Always make sure that you are wearing the correct protective gear for your sport & that it is in good condition. For Paintball this would include a mask with full face and ear protection & googles. For sports such as motocross the correct helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves & wearing special motocross clothing can reduce the risk of injury,
  • Only do what you are capable of- For example if you are just starting off with BMX, Snowboarding etc. don’t start out trying to do big tricks. Start small and work your way up. You have to practice the basic moves before you can start doing tricks.
  • Don’t over exert yourself- be sure to take breaks & drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure that any equipment you are using for your extreme sport is in proper working order. For example Paintball Guns, BMX bikes, Airsoft Guns, Ropes and harnesses for Rock Climbing, etc.
  • Do not play in adverse weather. Rain can make conditions slippery & increase the risk of getting struck by lightening.

Have fun out there playing your extreme sports and remember to always follow these safety tips! We have insurance for your extreme sporting events and other sports.