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Trampoline Park tells UK teen she ‘can’t bounce without feet’

A trampoline park in the UK made headlines on Tuesday after a manager told a triple amputee teenager that she … More Trampoline Park tells UK teen she ‘can’t bounce without feet’

Be Careful About Your Waiver Wording

Dodge Ball Trampoline Park

A news station in New Jersey reports that a family will be able to proceed with their lawsuit against a trampoline park regardless of wording in the waiver that states that the participant is signing over the right to bring the trampoline park to trial.  The wording of the waiver stated that the dispute would have to go through arbitration rather than through the courts. On July 13th, 2016 the court ruled that this was not enforceable because it did not make it clear that the signee was signing over their right to sue. The agreement also did not explain how arbitration differs from a trial in court.

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Fatal Indoor Trampoline Park Injury

Drevon Card in the Hospital

A Michigan 15 year old was fatally injured after jumping into a foam pit at an indoor trampoline park the locals call “Flip City”. On March 22nd, Drevon Card was at Total Sports Boys and Girls Club when the unthinkable occurred. The teen landed on his stomach instead of his feet or back into the foam pit & was immediately unresponsive with a broken neck and swelling in the brain. He was rushed to the nearby children’s hospital where he died from his injuries just a few days later on March 25th.

The news reports say that the injury came just minutes after a manager went over the rules, but it is unclear if any or how many staff were nearby when the incident happened or if Drevon Card actually heard the manager’s rules. It has not yet been reported whether a lawsuit will be filed against the trampoline park for the accident. Continue reading Fatal Indoor Trampoline Park Injury

Paralyzed Man Sues Trampoline Park


According to various local news stations in Minneapolis Minnesota a 39 year man is suing the Airmaxx Trampoline Park for an injury that happened last summer. As seen in the video the man tried to do a double flip into the foam pit. Unfortunately, he landed on his neck and is now paralyzed. The lawsuit against the trampoline park is alleging that the center did not have a deep enough foam pit for someone to jump into safely.

The attorney from the trampoline park expressed condolences for the accident, but that the trampoline park does not think that they were at fault. The attorney cited that the man did sign a waiver and that the customers are instructed before entering the trampoline area not to exceed their capabilities.  According to the injured man’s attorney he only signed a waiver as a guardian for his son and not himself. The lawsuit is still in it’s early stages. Continue reading Paralyzed Man Sues Trampoline Park

Trampoline Parks, the newest fad in recent years…or are they?

LIFE May 2, 1960,  Vol. 48, No. 17

Trampoline Parks have been popping up all over the U.S. in recent years. While many may think that this is a new type of entertainment it was actually a big fad in the late 1950’s & early 1960’s. The parks were usually created in large grass lots full of pits that the trampolines were put into.

Jumpers could pay 25-50 cents to jump on the trampolines for a half hour. According to a May, 1960 article in LIFE magazine, the parks had gone from three in the Los Angeles area in the fall, to 175 in May. They said that the trampolines parks were opening at a rate of 10 a week. The article reported that their were accidents such as a 16 year old boy dying after dislocating his neck…but that “most of the injuries are sprains and bruises and insurance companies say that the rate of accidents is statistically low”. Continue reading Trampoline Parks, the newest fad in recent years…or are they?

Family gets $11.5 Million in trampoline park lawsuit


According to CBS news a Texas teenager that was injured at a trampoline park franchise called Cosmic Jump has been granted $11.5 million in damages. This is the largest lawsuit ever against a trampoline park. The teenager was sliding down a trampoline slide and when he got to the bottom a tear in the trampoline opened further causing him to fall through. He fell five feet and hit his head on the concrete floor below the trampoline.

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