Wedding Insurance Claims

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Ever wonder what reason a person might have to need insurance for their wedding? Well there are various reason such as the wedding being cancelled, entertainment cancelled, outfits ruined, ruined photographs/videos and weather related damages to venue. In fact many wedding venues require that the bride and groom purchase general liability insurance in order to hold their weddings in that particular space. So, what causes wedding insurance claims? Just recently Property Casualty 360 wrote an article on the “Top 8 Wedding Insurance Claims of 2012”. There are some very interesting claims on the list, many that are often times not thought of such as theft of the decorations or wedding gifts.

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Are all insurance agents the same?

Your business insurance is sometimes handled by your local insurance agent who does your personal auto or home insurance.  Usually because you already do business with that person and you feel comfortable with that person.  This is usually not a challenge until you have a claim and find out that part or all of the loss is not covered.

Unfortunately many business owners do not understand that they probably need an insurance broker that specializes in that field to understand all the exposures that the business owner might face.  The difference from an agent and a broker is that an agent represents the company; a broker represents the business owner. Continue reading “Are all insurance agents the same?”