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So you've filled out an application? Here's what will happen next:

#1: We will need to receive all signed documents that were sent with the quote, any requirements on the quote letter such as a signed no loss letter, statement, bind request form etc. These are highlighted in RED in the quote letter.

#2: We will need to receive payment by check, credit card or wire transfer. Coverage will be effective no earlier than the day after we receive your payment and all binding documents.  Please note that after 1 year doing business with us, you will be able to bind coverage by written request and premium will be billed by statement. 

#3: Certificates of insurance will be issued after binding coverage bound. Policy numbers are assigned anywhere from 3 to 10 business days after binding and new certs will then be provided.

#4: Policies are usually issued within 2-3 weeks and will be emailed to you.

#5: Commissions are paid the 15th of each month following the production month.


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