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Looking for insurance for your motorcycle? The CIA provides Motorcycle insurance at a great price and value. Our staff can explain your coverage's and answer any questions that you might have. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Riding a motorcycle in inherently riskier than driving a car". When crashes occur the driver is at more risk because there is nothing between them and the road. Motorcycle deaths have fallen since 2008, but they are still double what they were in 1997. This is most likely due to the increasing popularity of motorcycles.

The IIHS also has some safety tips to make your motorcycle as safe as possible. The first is the use of a helmet. The government estimates that unhelmeted riders are 3 times more likely to have serious life threatening injuries, than those that are not wearing a helmet. Although in some states wearing a helmet is required, there are many states that do not require the use of helmets over a certain age. If you live in one of these states that do not require the use of a helmet, you should definitely still consider using could save your life. Another safety tip from the IIHS is that anti-lock braking systems reduce the risk of a motorcycle crash by preventing the wheels from locking up. Lastly, Supersport motorcycles have death rates about 4 times higher than other types of motorcycles. This is due to the speed of the motorcycle.

In the event of an accident you do not want to be left without insurance. Give Carol Stickles a call today at 951-677-3030 to get an estimate on your Motorcycle Insurance. or fill out the application below to get started on a quote Carol is located in Murrieta, CA and can provide motorcycle insurance in all 50 states.



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